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AnimeAnime has an article up which highlights some numbers for the anime industry in 2013, per the JVA2013 report. If rikaichan isn’t failing me, some high level points:

Overall Market
• The Japanese video disc market as a whole was down 2.6%.
• DVDs still account for double the revenue of BDs (¥162bn DVD, ¥88bn BD).
• However DVDs were down 12.8% last year while BDs were up 24.1%.

• Despite the small overall decline, anime is pulling its weight and was up 6.5% in 2013.
• Total sales for Japanese animation were just under ¥79bn, or about 31% of the entire ~¥250bn market.
• Foreign animation accounted for far less, just under ¥6.2bn.

• Both retail and rental markets are included in the total.
• The rental market contracted by 1.7%, but this was more than offset by retail purchases which were up by 14.8%.
• The total number of retail units sold was 12,435,495.

(Any corrections or additions to any of the information above would be very welcome)

• The first thing to note is that this covers any sales reported in 2013, it is not aligned with the four anime seasons we think of. so for example, the vast bulk of all sales from the very successful Fall ’12 season would be included here. Conversely, the vast bulk of rather less impressive Fall ’13 sales would not be included. So between a weak Fall ’13 and this dismal Winter ’14, things may not look as hot for 2014’s report unless Spring/Summer really step it up, or mainstream animation fills the gap.

• It’s also interesting to compare the numbers above to what we track. 12.4 million units sold is just under three times the 4.3 million units accounted for when I tally up sales for everything with a 2013 release date in my spreadsheet. But this makes sense for a few reasons:

1. I only cover late night TV anime. Movies, OVAs, and children’s shows account for a large portion of the remaining 8 million. Eva Q alone half a million units, likely a lot more when you account for under-reporting.

2. I only cover what Oricon reports. Any long tail sales below the threshold aren’t counted. Any stores not reporting to Oricon aren’t counted. If say Oricon’s number for Shigeki no Kyojin only covered 70% of its real sales, that would be about 100k units missing right there. That adds up across a whole year’s releases!

3. I only added up titles with a 2013 release date; but plenty of releases from 2012 or earlier would still be selling, and even if the additions for an individual disc were small, there are a lot of discs out there.

• I’d really like to have seen a breakdown of that ¥79bn for anime by format, DVD vs BD. if anyone sees one, let me know.

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    • something says:

      Yeah though too bad the report doesn’t break out animation-only as far as I know, so maybe AnimeAnime used a more detailed version.

  1. Bob says:

    Do you have the reports for the previous years ?

  2. Bob says:

    “I’d really like to have seen a breakdown of that ¥79bn for anime by format, DVD vs BD. if anyone sees one, let me know.”

    They don’t updated this report yet, but here the data of 2012.
    Genre | Amount | % |2012/2011 | DVD video | Blu-ray
    Animation for Grown-ups Domestic | 66,956 | 25.9% | 97.7% | 30,392 | 36,564

    You can also find other report in english here.

  3. kira-kun says:

    Damn, anime is basically 1/3 of the Japanese home video market. I don’t know if that is sad or scary. I wonder when streaming/on demand will kill Japan’s physical rental market like it did here in the US though. It’s sort of weird they are still surviving with just a 1.7% decrease.

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