Ranking update summary for the week of 2014 03/17 – 03/23

The following rankings have been updated to reflect the full data released this week.

» Weekly sales for 03/17 – 03/23
» 2000-Present, TV Anime Sales over 10k
» TV Anime BD Boxsets over ¥100m
» Box Office Gross, TV Anime Adaptations
» Series Data – Quick View

» 2013 Total Average Sales Ranking
» 2013 Per-volume Sales Ranking
» 2013 Fall Vol. 1 Ranking

» 2014 Total Average Sales Ranking
» 2014 Per-volume Sales Ranking
» 2014 Winter Vol. 1 Ranking

Other posts this week:

Box Office Mojo hasn’t updated Japan’s rankings for two weeks now, so if you have any updates on Tiger & Bunny or Idolmaster, let me know.

2 Responses to “Ranking summary for the week of 2014 03/17 – 03/23”

  1. something says:

    Forgot to add it to the weekly post before now, but we had two series not rank in either format (despite sub-400 thresholds in both formats:
    Onee-chan ga Kita (Winter)
    Hajime no Ippo: Rising (Fall)

    Also really wish Mojo would update, I’d like to see if Imas and T&B added more.

    • hpulley says:

      Sadly for Onee-chan ga Kita, even though it sold 300 copies or less someone ripped and uploaded episode 12 before it aired and episode 13 bonus on release day.

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