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Full list. 317 DVD threshold, 356 BD.

2014 03/17 – 03/23 Anime DVD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 5 9,405 9,405 1 Shingeki no Kyojin v9
3 25 2,686 2,686 1 Dokidoki! Precure Mana Kekkon!!? Mirai ni Tsunagu Kibou no Dress LE
4 27 2,604 2,604 1 Yowamushi Pedal v4
9 64 830 830 1 Mikakunin de Shinkoukei v1
10 65 8 827 3,695 2 Precure Ending Movie Collection ~Minna de Dance!~
11 68 800 800 1 Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren v1
12 71 56 749 1,241,659 639 Tonari no Totoro
13 72 710 710 1 Super Sonico the Animation (SoniAni) v1
16 93 52 560 7,568 5 Captain Harlock RE
19 512 532,865 585 Majo no Takkyuubin
23 39 444 3,737 3 Gekijouban Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. RE
25 426 426 1 Yozakura Quartet -Hana no Uta- v4
27 365 365 1 Cardfight!! Vanguard Link Joker-hen v10
28 337 337 1 Saki Zenkoku-hen v1
30 317 317 1 Sakura Trick v1

Other releases (concerts etc)

2014 03/17 – 03/23 Anime BD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 2 24,291 24,291 1 Shingeki no Kyojin v9
2 9 5,532 5,532 1 Mikakunin de Shinkoukei v1
3 10 5,455 5,455 1 Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren v1
4 11 4,743 4,743 1 Saki Zenkoku-hen v1
5 12 4,508 4,508 1 GJ-bu BD Box
6 15 2,901 2,901 1 Super Sonico the Animation (SoniAni) v1
7 17 2,768 2,768 1 Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda v1
8 18 2,596 2,596 1 Dokidoki! Precure Mana Kekkon!!? Mirai ni Tsunagu Kibou no Dress LE
9 20 2,491 2,491 1 Yowamushi Pedal v4
10 21 2,238 2,238 1 Sakura Trick v1
26 1,548 1,548 1 Honoo no Tenkousei
28 1,461 1,461 1 Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita BD Box
29 1,380 1,380 1 Walkure Romanze v4
30 1,350 1,350 1 Yozakura Quartet -Hana no Uta- v4
34 1,213 1,213 1 Outbreak Company v4
35 1,208 1,208 1 Initial D BD Box v2
50 9 852 27,552 3 Gekijouban Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. SLE
57 42 711 8,060 3 Kill La Kill v3
58 52 685 27,237 5 Shingeki no Kyojin v8
61 2 596 6,411 2 Precure Ending Movie Collection ~Minna de Dance!~
62 577 577 1 Galilei Donna v4
65 562 562 1 Ben-To BD Box
77 494 494 1 Gingitsune v4
79 5 469 3,182 2 Seitokai Yakuindomo* v2
88 40 421 34,845 4 Monogatari Series Second Season v5 (Nadeko Medusa Pt. 1)
92 48 374 43,316 5 Kara no Kyoukai Mirai Fukuin LE
98 89 358 11,882 4 Infinite Stratos 2 v4
100 85 356 9,182 7 Kill La Kill v2

Other releases (concerts etc)

Remember that these are some of the Winter shows that will end up near the top of the seasonal rankings by average. What a god damned unmitigated shit-eating disaster this season is. Also holy crap storefront effect isn’t worth shiiiiiiiit this season. Sakura Trick absolutely KILLED at Gamers and what is it worth? Fuck-all. Barely any effect on Chuunibyou either, only Mikakunin had a modestly strong effect (28% on BD) likely due in part to strong ranking during release week. Animate is clearly the only non-Amazon retailer that matters whatsoever.

Vol. 1s not ranking in either format:
Onee-chan ga Kita [Winter 2014]
Hajime no Ippo: Rising [Fall 2013]

Winter update:
Mikakunin v1 sells 5532/830, total 6,362. Remember this is the volume with event ticket and OVA. RIP Mikakunin after the v2 drop. (Actually these are good sales under most circumstances for a show nobody had any expectations of, but when we’re looking at one of the top sellers of the season, just, wow, Winter, please.)

Chuunibyou Ren v1 sells 5455/800, total 6,255 aka barely over half the wk1 sales of the worst-selling s1v1. RIP Chuunibyou.

Saki Zenkoku-hen v1 sells 4743/337, total 5,080. Barely hitting 5k for the main series continuation even with lucking into DVDs ranking due to a crazy low threshold and this surely being its best selling volume? RIP Saki.

SoniAni v1 sells 2901/710, total 3,611. And this is the volume that is hyper-inflated due to the figma! RIP Sonico.

Sekai Seifuku v1 sells 2,768 BDs, DVDs do not rank. Speaks for itself, RIP Sekai Seifuku.

Sakura Trick v1 sells 2238/317, total 2,555. That with DVDs inexplicably ranking, massive storefront domination at Gamers, and an event ticket. RIP Sakura Trick, RIP yuri anime, RIP every goddamn thing in this goddamn world.

Yakuindomo* v2 adds 469 BDs, total 3,679.

Fall update:
Yowapedal v4 sells 2491/2604, total 5,095.

Yozakura v4 sells 1350/426, total 1,776. Ah yes, let’s release another sub-2k volume of YZQ this week just to rub salt in the wound.

Walkure v4 sells 1,380 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Outbreak Co v4 sells 1,213 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Galidon v4 sells 577 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Gingitsune v4 sells 494 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

IS2 v4 adds 358 BDs, total 14,409 in wk4.

Kill La Kill v2 adds 356 BDs, total 10,295 in wk7. Only 5% below v1 now.
v3 adds 711 BDs, total 9,161 in a bigger wk3 than v1-2 got. If it ranks another few weeks like the other volumes it could get around 10k as well. A 10k series average is going to be very hard but it could get close.

Summer update:
Monogatari v5 adds 421 BDs, total 38,793.

Past seasons:
Shingeki v9, final volume, sells 24291/9405, total 33,696.
v8 adds 685 BDs, total 38,160.
Series average: 49,767 so it’ll have no problem hitting 50k final average after v9 finishes ranking.

OVAs, Movies, Boxsets etc:
GJ-bu BD Box sells 4,508. Wildly wildly overestimated – 55%! I knew it would be, GJ-bu is just weirdly Amazon-heavy, but wow. (And the next person to say it’s not a box because it comes on one disc gets my foot up their ass, box just means collected release!)

Jintai BD Box sells 1,461.

Initial D BD Box v2 sells 1,208.

AnoHana Movie adds 852 SLE BDs and 444 RE DVDs, total 41,550.

Upcoming Releases for 2014 03/24 – 03/30 Anime DVD List
3/26/2014 Akage no Anne BD Box
3/26/2014 Blazblue Alter Memory v4
3/26/2014 Buddy Complex v1
3/26/2014 Choujigen Game Neptune v7
3/26/2014 Code Geass Hangyaku no lelouch R2 BD Box
3/26/2014 Coppelion v5
3/26/2014 D-Frag! v1
3/26/2014 Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko BD Box
3/26/2014 Diabolik Lovers RE v3
3/26/2014 Freezing Vibration v4
3/26/2014 Gen’ei wo Kakery Taiyou v7
3/26/2014 Gin no Saji v6
3/26/2014 Golden Time v4
3/26/2014 Gundam Build Fighters BD Box v1
3/26/2014 Gundam Build Fighters DVD v4
3/26/2014 Hakkenden -Touhou Hakken Ibun- v13
3/26/2014 Hidamari Sketch x Hoshimittsu BD Box
3/26/2014 Inazuma Eleven Go v31
3/26/2014 Infinite Stratos 2 v5
3/26/2014 Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Soushuu-hen (Highlights) BD Box
3/26/2014 Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Soushuu-hen (Highlights) v1
3/26/2014 Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Soushuu-hen (Highlights) v2
3/26/2014 Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Soushuu-hen (Highlights) v3
3/26/2014 Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd Season v4
3/26/2014 Kuroko no Basuke wnd Season v3
3/26/2014 Kyou no Asuka Show v1
3/26/2014 Kyou no Asuka Show v2
3/26/2014 Little Busters! ~Refrain~ v3
3/26/2014 Log Horizon v3
3/26/2014 Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai v4
3/26/2014 Magi The Kingdom of Magic v3
3/26/2014 Miss Monochrome (Kuro)
3/26/2014 Miss Monochrome (Shiro)
3/26/2014 Monogatari Series Second Season v6 (Nadeko Medusa Pt. 2)
3/26/2014 Nagi no Asu Kara v4
3/26/2014 Neppuu Kairiku Bushiroad
3/26/2014 Nisekoi v1
3/26/2014 Non Non Biyori v4
3/26/2014 Noragami v1
3/26/2014 Onegai Teacher/Twins BD Box
3/26/2014 Saikin, Imouto no Yousuga Chotta Okashiinda ga. v1
3/26/2014 Samurai Flamenco v4
3/26/2014 Shigofumi BD Box
3/26/2014 Strike The Blood v3
3/26/2014 Tamayura ~more aggressive~ v6
3/26/2014 Tokyo Ravens v4
3/26/2014 Uchouten Kazoku v7
3/26/2014 Uchuu Kyoudai BD Box v7
3/26/2014 Uchuu Kyoudai DVD v19
3/26/2014 Urusei Yatsura BD Box v4
3/26/2014 White Album 2 v4
3/26/2014 Witch Craft Works v1
3/28/2014 Gifuu Doudou!! V6
3/28/2014 Haiyore! Nyaruko-san BD Box
3/28/2014 High School DxD New v6
3/28/2014 Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha. v1
3/28/2014 Kingdom DVD Box v3
3/28/2014 Kingdom Hishou-hen v15
3/28/2014 Kingdom Hishou-hen v16
3/28/2014 Love Lab v7
3/28/2014 Maken-ki! v1
3/28/2014 Meisaku Douwa v1
3/28/2014 Meisaku Douwa v3
3/28/2014 Meisaku Douwa v4
3/28/2014 Meisaku Douwa v6
3/28/2014 Mukashibanashi v1
3/28/2014 Mukashibanashi v2
3/28/2014 Mukashibanashi v3
3/28/2014 Mukashibanashi v4
3/28/2014 Mukashibanashi v5
3/28/2014 Mukashibanashi v6
3/28/2014 Mushibugyou v9
3/28/2014 Omoide no Anime Library v18
3/28/2014 Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Come wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru v4
3/28/2014 pupa
3/28/2014 Sore no Otoshimono Forte BD Box
3/28/2014 Wake Up, Girls! v1
3/28/2014 Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita. V4

Holy goddamn this week.

85 Responses to “2014 03/17 – 03/23 Weekly Sales List”

  1. hpulley says:

    Tell us how you really feel ! Oh how I wish it was funny.

    I think Mikakunin is doing well considering its a four koma rom com adaptation.

    The two sequels are not. Will they finish Saki now? Dunno.

    Poor Sakura Trick. Knew it but still sucks. Enjoy this weeks episode. Last one ever. ;_;

    • something says:

      You have no idea how much I just want to never post sales again, ughhhhhh. Anime is one sort of disappointment after another for me these days, in so many ways. This goes beyond just some shows I like not selling (that’s always happened, nothing new), though that certainly is bad.

      I mean the ST sales are higher than I had guessed before the season started, but I was also being massively, intentionally pessimistic almost to the point of joking when I guessed sub-1k. It’s nice the worst of the worst cases didn’t happen, but damnit I thought I’d inoculated myself with a massive dose of pessimism against hoping too much that the constant and utter domination at Gamers meant something, anything. When I saw the number closer to 2k than 3k, though, I was profoundly disappointed nonetheless.

      6 copies of each volume of the BDs, 3 copies of each volume of the manga, 3 of the OP/ED CD, and 2 of each of the other CDs (except the OST I think?). I don’t know what more I can do. It’s just not something a single person can truly fix on their own. I mean every purchase still matters, or I wouldn’t do it, but it only goes so far.

    • something says:

      Oh and I think Saki is still safe (most of the RIPs were hyperbole of course), but only just barely. If Ritz keeps dragging her feet on moving the manga anywhere, no way we’ll still be seeing adaptations five years from now or whenever she finally finishes. Another season next year maybe, but beyond that? If it ain’t done, forget it.

      Ugh this is such a bad time for next week to be so obscenely packed. Thresholds have been crazy low for BD even during big weeks but I think Sakura Trick and Sekai Seifuku and maybe Sonico are out of luck for wk2.

      • Progeusz says:

        >Another season next year maybe
        It could happen near the end of 2015, yes. Semis should end in manga by then.
        Last episode of Zenkoku-hen ended where chapter 98 did (it covered 95-98 despite being heavily fillered). With two more episodes we should finish at minimum 102 (last episode could be a trip to beach or something). That would leave 20 chapters + another 20-25 till the end of 2015… Yeah, it might be possible to do semis in anime during 2015 Fall. Actual final? No way in hell it happens before 2018.

        • kira-kun says:

          Don’t forget the Individuals after the Team finals. Where Saki will actually meet and play Teru.

          And I’d like to say. SAKI IS BROKEN. “She does it whenever she wants to?!@$” And I though the Prefecture finals were wacky.

          • Progeusz says:

            I didn’t want to get depressed. She’ll probably play Teru in last match of individuals too, might as well be 10 years from now.

            Yes, SHE IS. The way she completely outplayed Toyone and Kasumi, two extremely dangerous players, what a spectacle. With her socks on! But only the realization which will come in next episode will show how fearsome she truly is.

            • kira-kun says:

              It’s not just outplay now, Saki can physically break things from across the playing hall, S&*^ just got real. And people forget her power is not just rinshan kaihou or +/-0. She can get things like double richi, kokushi musou in 3 turns, or get any yakuman hands she wishes it seems like from way back in S1. And now she can “Bankai” spiritual pressure other players. By the way Toyone is SO KAWAII. I want to take her home.

              • Progeusz says:

                Ah, that’s what you meant. Don’t forget about Koromo then who caused power outage in whole building. Matches between four mosters at full power shouldn’t be held in public for the safety of viewers.
                Remember why she started going for +/-0 all the time? Because she was winning too often against her family. Yes, including Teru. I speculate she still has the room to grow as she goes back to her old sweeping-the-table-with-cheerful-smile loli state while at the same time learning various tactics from Hisa making her stronger than ever. We’re going to need some serious drama to handicap her in later matches or else Awai and Shizu won’t be able to play anymore after experiencing kawaii Sakisan.
                Really, the info from early parts of the manga is terrifying when you think about it (like the yakumans you mentioned).
                Yeah, Toyone is such an adorable blob. Cutest Miyamori though Kurumi and Aislinn aren’t far behind.

              • Progeusz says:

                When it comes to describing Saki’s power I usually say she has control over the scores on table and gets whatever hands necessary to achieve this goal. Rinshan is just the most useful for this job thanks to additional draws and abusing dead wall. And well, she loves the meaning of Rinshan Kaihou. It being one of the rarest yaku? Laws of probability only apply to mere mortals.

                • kira-kun says:

                  Yeah, Koromo did cause power outages. Good thing she’s now on Team Saki.

                  Ok ep 12 is out and totally confused me. Now I’m just O.o. Exactly how did that result happen. I need mahjong math wiz to explain. And TOYONE. SO KAWAII.

                  • Progeusz says:

                    Haha, I told you. Suddenly everything she did makes sense, eh? Just like in prefecturals with saving Ikeda and then getting just enough points to be able to overcome Koromo with direct hit yakuman. I’m pretty sure Saki isn’t really some kind of mastermind character similar to Akagi, she just feels what is right choice and is sure things will work out in her favor in the end. It also seems she doesn’t realize even the fraction of her powers’ extent and is very wary of her opponents. One could hastily say it’s contradictory but that’s how she is and it makes her very interesting character. Sometimes I like to think she realizes her potential as demon incarnate, one who destroys hopes and dreams, a thrilling idea.

                    • rederoin says:

                      The most simple way of explaining it is that Saki ‘the destroyer of hopes and dreams’ Miyanaga. is the demon lord. Nothing else needs to be said. Once she goes pro, she will take her rigthfull place as the king of the mahjong world(Teru & Nodaka will be the Queens). After which the Saki-universe will plummet into darkness for the next 1000 years.

                    • kira-kun says:

                      Mmm can’t reply below rederoin, so…

                      There was a nice essay on how Saki worked that match on another site. And damn. With socks still on and she was more powerful than in S1. Yes, Flaming Ruby Eye Maoh Saki will smile and Tanoshii you and all the tiles belong to her.

                      Oh, and rewatching Saki S1 now, and I so wish the show was licensed on R1, even on DVD.

    • Scruffy says:

      Well … yes Sakura Trick’s sales is disappointing for the world of yuri but at least it’s not an absolute flop like Aoi Hana, which is such a huge pity as I absolutely loved that show.

      • Fipse says:

        I agree. At least it somewhat sold. And judging from the animations the budget wasn’t that high. As long as it pushes manga sales it should be fine.

        • Bob says:

          None of the manga volume ever ranked in the Oricon manga charts.

        • something says:

          Production committee (i.e. order of investment) is:

          1. Pony Canyon (DVD, BD, CD)
          2. Houbunsha (manga)
          3. Studio Deen (animation studio)
          4. Memory Tech (?)

          Memory Tech is a disc authoring company, not sure why they’re on the committee but they’re even below the animation studio so it’s safe to say they’re probably a very minor player. Deen just being the studio probably doesn’t have much stake in it either.

          So this is really all about Pony Canyon and Houbunsha. With Pony Canyon leading the committee, DVD/BD and CD sales are the most important thing. These DVD/BD sales definitely aren’t “good”, but aren’t anything we haven’t seen many many times before, so it’s really a matter of what their targets were… I doubt they expected much, but how much? We simply don’t know.

          Manga matters as well, but seeing as how the manga never sold enough to rank on Oricon – even vol 4 that came out late Feb while the show was airing) – for all we know it could be doubling or tripling its sales but still not ranking. Threshold for v4’s release week was about 18k.

          Which isn’t a huge shock necessarily, since Yuru Yuri is the closest thing to a yuri manga that I’ve ever seen rank on Oricon at all. I can’t think of /any/ others that came from a yuri magazine, or even ones that didn’t like Sakura Trick. I don’t follow manga sale closely, but I feel like I would have noticed at some point. Maybe slightly older stuff like Aoi Hana?

          But either way increasing sales is all well and good, but 20% increase means a lot more when you were selling 100k before than if you were selling 5k.

          • I’m not sure how much is cause and how much is symptom, but yuri manga do tend to have fewer tankobon releases relative to longer running series (most of them are 20 chapters or less), which puts them at a disadvantage trying to chart – individual series rarely have time to build up a dedicated fanbase of week one buyers. That doesn’t mean they’re not selling, though. Yuriyuri was confirmed to have a million copies in print towards the end of 2011, 6 months before the series first charted next July. In all likelihood, we’ll never know how much manga sales Sakura Trick generated, but it can’t really be ruled out as a significant moneymaker on that end. Though if the manga/anime fanbase proportions are equal for those two series, there’s an outside chance the fifth volume could chart in a non-Shueisha week; 55kmanga/8kdisk*2.5k disk~17k volumes, which is above some thresholds. I also wouldn’t put too much stock in it not ranking in February; I’ve seen a couple of cases in looking manga boosts (Binbougami ga, Kamisama Kiss) where the second volume to be released after the anime was the first one to see a boost.

  2. hikari says:

    Wow….I knew this 2014 winter will be bad..bad..very bad..in term of sales compare to the previous seasons at least (spring, summer, fall), but I kind of hope that the storefront sales for few series to be a bit high than what stalker projected, alas…lol…..>...< Ugghh, I just hope Love Stage and DmmD anime turn out good/decent enough and at least got decent sales so we won't get another long draught of bl/yaoi tv anime like yuri anime state (tv series) in the past few years.

  3. AnimePhoenix says:

    Yep, great start Winter, great start.
    Chuunikoi2…the last week or so I was thinking it might average 8k because of Gamers and HMV but…yeah, um, those are depressing. Was season 2 that disappointing? Rather, what made the Japanese fans so disappointed? I knew there would be a sequel drop but I didn’t think it would be this abysmal.

    Sakura Trick…yeah, I feel really bad for you and all other yuri fans. And this is sales with an event ticket. DEEN didn’t mess up either, yet…

    Ah, I hope BL doesn’t suffer the same fate. I’m not a BL fan either but…Love Stage!…I hope you get a good boost in manga sales or AT LEAST average 3k. Sigh. And Dmmd, Nitro+Chiral, if you turn this cash cow into a second Togainu no Chi, you OBVIOUSLY don’t care about your fans. At the very least, Dmmd should be 2 cour. It needs it. Otherwise I don’t know how they’re going to do it without butchering it.

    On the bright side, YowaPedal volume 4 actually sells 1k more than I expected! It’s just 1k but it’s at 5k right now! This gives me hope that volume 5+(no extras except for volume 8) will do 4k. That’s more than enough for me. It’s already been a success by inspiring female otaku to start cycling in stores(saw it on ANN) and lots of merchandise, even figures!(How I want that Makishima figure! <3)

    • Masterman says:

      It’s not so much that season 2 of Chuu2 was disappointing, more that the hype which season 1 had ran its course and it’s much harder to get otakus to remain crazy over the series. When you think about it, season 1 of Chuu2 was good but probably overperformed for something that isn’t ambitious and doesn’t have much that makes it a stand out performer, so the season 2 sales numbers are a more accurate representation of the numbers the series deserve to pull. Actas probably understood that for Girls Und Panzer which is why they are releasing a bunch of OVAs rather than a second season, they know that they got lucky that Girls Und Panzer was a megahit and they shouldn’t push their luck too far.

      • something says:

        While I agree that season one may have sold above what would be normal for this kind of series, I think it’s a mixture of factors. I think Ren is even better than the first season, but some people expected it to be different – more focus on Shichimiya for example, who gets introduced then disappears for most of the show. I didn’t mind that myself because we got some time to focus on other characters I really wanted to see more of (MoriDeko and Kumin are my three favorites, easily). But not everyone liked the decision. Some people even wanted more Rikka/Yuuta romance but honestly that’s the least interesting of all Chuunibyou’s plot threads for me – season one finished it up to my satisfaction, Ren could have done little more than tread water there.

        But reasons for the drop aside, we should differentiate between “losing sales” and “losing money”. Chuunibyou’s sales cratered compared to s1, but it’s likely still fine for KyoAni, especially when you consider it seems to be one of their more rushed series, production-wise (thus they probably spent less time and money on it). Still looks better than most anime, but it’s not as visually polished as some of their other stuff (some fantastic chuu2 battle sequences aside!). I wouldn’t recommend they greenlight a third season unless merch sales or whatever were really great but it won’t hurt them either.

        (I do think they should really consider doing an OAD for the third volume of the novel but it’s probably too late for that now.)

        As for Garupan, that could absolutely support a sequel. Production committees don’t care so much about going out with a bang, they care about what makes money. And even if Garupan tanked in a second season and shed half its sales it would still be a nearly 20k seller, and one of the best selling shows of its season and make plenty of money. I’m sure there are other reasons why they’re not announcing a sequel yet. Maybe they just thought a movie/OVA allowed for a less hectic schedule, because we all remember the production problems the TV series ran into with all those delays. After they get those out and get some time to plan, we could get a sequel.

        I’d prefer they don’t wait /too/ long because yeah you can lose fans that way but it did so ridiculously well that it has a pretty big cushion to fall back on (same as Chuu2, just doubled in Garupan’s case).

        • pippi says:

          KyoAni needs to stop hiring Jukki Hanada for screenwriting. That guy has been a hindrance of their abilities ever since.

          • sinderblock says:

            Seriously! Ever since Hanada was on series composition for KnK and now Chu2koi Ren, the pacing feels really off. I know the staff could have done much better, but this freakin’ guy is messing up their mojo!

            Bring back the other screenwriters that gave them solid hits or get new ones! Though I have this crazy imagination of what happens if Mari Okada was a screenwriter for a KyoAni show!

            • AnimePhoenix says:

              Ohhh Mari Okada? After AnoHana and NagiAsu, I say bring it on! I love her.

            • something says:

              Okada Mari writing a KyoAni show, oh lol you just want to see the internet burn, don’t you? Combining trolls’ two favorite things to bash in the whole wide (anime) world would lead to the absolute worst vomit-dump threads the likes of MAL and ANN have ever seen. And they see a lot of them.

              Personally I’d be fine with it if it happened for whatever reason, as I’ve enjoyed stuff she’s composed far more often than not.

        • pippi says:

          On an added note, i wonder how many peeps are going to blame Free for allocating most of their resources and manpower on that instead of Chuunibyou thus creating this notion KyoAni doesn’t NEED the male otaku’s money anymore, and Chuunibyou selling worse than S1 is just them brushing off their hands on ever dealing them again and become FujoAni yadda yadda yadda, rhetoric rhetoric rhetoric….

          • something says:

            Only people who like to think their personal biases are universal truths could possibly associate anything related to Chuunibyou with Free.

            The manpower/focus angle would be misplaced anyway. It’s true Chuunibyou is a bit less polished than their other shows, but it’s still way above par for the industry overall. It’s also coming at the end of a three series, one movie run for KyoAni (Free → Chuunibyou Rikka Kai → Kyoukai → Chuunibyou Ren), so it could slip a little, visually. But I doubt this factors in considering, again, it’s still so much better-looking than is normal for anime.

            To whatever extent someone passed on the sequel for reasons of content rather than just losing some interest in the series, that would be a matter of not liking decisions the writers made, not the studio having inadequate time to plan and execute the technical details or whatever.

            Basically, any connection is completely imaginary wishful thinking.

            Though hell, I’m looking forward to Free s2 more than anything else they’ve got upcoming. I deny even the existence of a Tamako movie, and Amagi is… well I actually really trust Takemoto/Gatou but when you’re adopting something that looks LN harem-y that’s a big handicap to start from for me. So hell yeah bring on Free.

            • pippi says:

              Yeah, about Amagi…I heard it’s not even a “harem type show at all” and the concentration of the girls is almost false advertising.

              Ugh, where’s my all-girls sports series, KyoAni? It’s astounding there’s not many of those compared to guys sports series that isn’t baseball or table-top games.

              • something says:

                The less harem the better I think. I’m already letting KyoAni be a rare exception to my “watch no late night otaku shows with male protagonists” rule so the less it reminds me of standard harem fare, the better… and again I really want to trust in Takemoto and Gatou, they worked together for Hyouka which is just a profoundly beautiful and brilliant series.

                As for sports… I shy away from sports anime. It’s one of the genres I have always been least likely to watch, even back in the day when I’d try to watch everything. Which sport it is matters, though. I doubt I’d ever spend time on Basketball, American football, normal football, hockey, or baseball, tennis, golf, etc.

                I guess I did make an exception for Free, but it just… felt like something different? I dunno.

                Though like you said sports anime focused on girls seem to be super rare, which would be a big part of what turns me off from sports. I can’t even think of any off the top of my head beyond, like… two baseball anime?

                I prefer my competitive game anime to be less “traditional” I guess (Saki, Shion no Ou, Chihayafuru! Especially Saki.)

                • pippi says:

                  You would think those Japanese should be able to churn out all-girl sport series easily especially ones with EASY, “non-threatening” fanservice opportunities like swimming, diving, and gymnastics and a higher rate of bishoujo anime being made.

                  Free took advantage of that with the guys; why can’t the other gender do the same?!!! C’mon, Japan, wake up!!!

                  • something says:

                    My own take on the sports genre is that sports stories tend to appeal to two audiences:

                    1. The primary audience is the shounen manga side, and as we all know, female protagonists in shounen manga are like needles in a haystack (Fairy Tail bucking the hell out of this trend is part of why I adore it so much). So the breeding grounds for sports stories is very closely aligned to the shounen manga world.

                    2. And when it comes to anime, those younger fans don’t buy discs… but adult women do. And some shounen manga, especially sports, are huge with women who quite reasonably would rather see hot guys swimming than cute girls swimming. (To oversimplify, granted.)

                    In other words, I feel like there’s just no sizable existing core fanbase for anime about female sports teams, unlike the huge fanbase that is dying for more like TeniPri, Kurobas, Haikyuu, and so on. Producers would have to build the female team side almost from the ground up, and that’s not easy (as we’ve been seeing with yuri for years and years now – the mere existence of cute girls doesn’t equal hits). What’s even the last sports anime of either gender cast that was a major hit with guys in terms of anime discs sold? Seems really rare.

                    • sinderblock says:

                      I think that basketball series Ro-Kyu-Bu did fairly solid. Though that was more aimed towards otaku which makes me question why hasn’t there been many all-girl sports series aimed at otaku especially ones pippi mentioned (well, as long they keep their libido in check)?

                    • something says:

                      That is on of the exceptions I was trying to remember, yeah. First season did well enough for a sequel, sequel sold average-ish. Not a huge hit either time, but decent.

              • sinderblock says:

                It’s becoming a cliche nowadays with the whole all-guys team with a cute girl manager in a lot of sport shows. The reverse is particularly true.

                • something says:

                  Worked for me in Free!, Gou is a miracle of the universe. ♥

                  • sinderblock says:

                    Not enough to get merchandise out of her. Yeah, I know the obvious reasons, but damn it feels like they nailed the balance of making her normal cute yet the show obviously aimed towards females; it’s kind of weird that happens with shows aimed for girls with a large guy cast plus a few REALLY WELL-DESIGNED girl characters.

                    Man, I’d kill for KyoAni to do a series with more of her design model as the main character.

              • musouka says:

                Amagi isn’t a harem series, at least not at this point in the story. (And it doesn’t look as though it’s heading in that direction either.) I really wish they wouldn’t advertise it the way they have been, but my guess is editorial is rather bewildered over how to market the series and falls back on “fanservice sells.”

                • something says:

                  I can’t say I’ve seen any real advertising to go on yet, I just saw “light novel adaptation” and a picture or two with multiple girls and started getting immediately worried. There are exceptions that eschew that route, and if Amagi is one that would be a good first step.

                  • musouka says:

                    I meant basically that the “look of the novels”–for example, a different girl on every cover, the relatively few fanservice scenes are the ones that get the illustrations, sometimes to the point of what they’re illustrating not even being in the novels, ect, ect–telling me that they’re trying to hit the typical LN audience who wants wish-fulfillment harem antics, not a no-harem workplace dramedy.

                    • pippi says:

                      Makes me wonder how this KyoAni staff will tackle that especially in terms of the girls’ screen time. Last thing I want is one becoming the comedic instigator towards the male MC and not getting the receiving end of the comedy. Somewhat like a one-sided sitcom.

        • kira-kun says:

          I have now come to the conclusion that Ren was less fun for me then S1 because there was simply less Priestess and less Isshiki too. The last couple of Chuu battles were cool and all, but having less Priestess was not so cool.

          And for Garupan, while sequels are more often “worse” than the original season, at this point, I’d watch 12/13 eps of Yukari Tank Corners. I really wish for them to announce S2 when they screen the Anzio OVA.

    • Progeusz says:

      Chu22 isn’t bad but I can’t honestly say it’s good either. S1 ended in very disappointing way (sorry guys, all that drama didn’t change much, deal with less humor in latter half of the show for the sake of nothing) and S2 does nothing to fix it. They are a couple but nothing happens, status quo’s status: 100%. I guess the speed of development is pathetic even for people who don’t like seeing kisses in anime. I liked first Chuuni for its characters and comedy. Characters seem the same and type of humor is similar. BUT. Rikka isn’t as crazy anymore. DFM lost his tsukkomi powers, he’s just there most of the time, doing nothing. There’s no proper chuuni abuse anymore. Dekomori isn’t fresh anymore. Shinka somewhat gave up on talking some sense into them, becoming less distinctive, there are no comments about her change in attitude either. Except for not too exciting sleeping episode, there’s even less Kumin than before. Partly due to MC’s friend becoming irrelevant. Shichimiya is nice but her amount of screentime is rather odd for who she is.
      S2 is too tame. The drop in sales is very big but the show deserves it in my opinion.

      • something says:

        Bah, Kumin napping tournament was one of the best. Also featured my favorite Chuu2 battle of the franchise!

        Chuu2’s issue is that Yuuta and Rikka just didn’t need any more focus. And they did with Shichimiya pretty much the only thing you could do with her, because she’s handicapped as the third wheel to two protagonists treading water. Just doesn’t leave much for the core plot, but I really loved everything else about this season which is why I think it’s even better than the first. Second MoriDeko episode is probably my favorite of the whole franchise.

        But maintaining the status quo isn’t really a recipe for maintaining sales in this case, so yeah, I won’t say it “deserved” to drop because that’s not for one person to decide, but I’m not surprised it did. But looking at it I’d think more like ~9k, not ~6k.

        (We really need to bury the idea that the turn to drama in s1 was an issue for the majority of buyers tho, absolutely nothing supports that idea. Ren dropped most of that in favor of more comedy and see where that got it.)

        • Progeusz says:

          I can agree that Kumin’s episode was one of better ones in S2 but I expected more from something dedicated to my favorite Chuuni. Sure, whole episode was very Kumin-like, I can’t deny that, but at the same time I just didn’t feel as much enjoyment as she was giving me in S1.

          Yes, Yuuta and Rikka didn’t need more focus. They got a lot though and what’s worse, it wasn’t used for anything noteworthy. If KyoAni wants to focus on this pair, they should do something with them.

          >We really need to bury the idea that the turn to drama in s1 was an issue for the majority of buyers tho
          I wasn’t trying to suggest this, sorry if it came off this way. That’s just my personal opinion (that drama made S1 worse) and I’m aware majority doesn’t agree with me. I’m not trying to decide by myself whether it deserved to drop but I do think that all boils down to S2 being tamer. I don’t see as much passion from the characters, at closer look from creators and I can see why many fans aren’t as passionate either.

          >Ren dropped most of that in favor of more comedy and see where that got it.
          It’s not the comedy as of itself but the quality. First episodes of S1 had the most humor and they’re the ones which made Chuuni so popular.

          And man, S1 still has it. I could barely stop myself from rewatching whole episode when I checked out random scene.

          • something says:

            Difference in opinion on Ren aside, the first season does hold up well, yeah. I haven’t re-watched the whole season yet (lol rewatching anime when I can barely get myself to finish 3-5 shows a season nowadays -_-) but the Takanashi Rikka Kai recap movie was actually really enjoyable, ugly CG dragons at the start notwithstanding (I thought maybe I had loaded up Zettai Bouei Leviathan for a second…). I intended to just watch the new bits and skip the rest, but it hooked me in pretty quickly.

  4. Bob says:

    So the next big Yuri anime will be in 5 more years ?

    • something says:

      Who even knows. Depends on whether Pony Canyon and friends see this as just an initial step into a wider set of adaptations (or dare we even say originals?) and were willing to accept low sales at the start. Music sales matter too because Pony Canyon both distributes the DVD/BD and the CDs, so I think they had the biggest stake in this series.

  5. rederoin says:

    Mikakunin acteally has one of the smaller v2 drops(going by stalker) of winter 2014 anime, so i’m not so worried about it.

    On the other hand it will be one of the best selling shows of winter 2014, which says a lot about the bad state of this season.

    • rederoin says:

      Just be clear, i’m talking about it having one of the smaller v2 event ticket drops. I forgot to add that.

      • something says:

        Right, it could be a lot worse, but it probably won’t be maintaining a 6k average or anything. I pretty much just RIP’d it to keep a consistent theme in my doom and gloom, it’s actually a solid Kinmosa-type success vis-a-vis expectations.

        Just, as you added, pretty terrible reflection on this season that selling maybe 5.5k average or so will counts as one of the top selling shows.

        I suppose if there’s any tiny, faint silver lining it’s that only one of the new shows released this week went without DVD numbers, so we don’t have to suffer the insult of thresholds as well, even if none of the future volumes ranked on DVD.

  6. hpulley says:

    My other buy this season will be even worse. WUG ! Though without an event ticket I hope it can somehow manage 2K average. Probably won’t but I can dream.

    • something says:

      I was going to say it might get a bit of a storefront boost but apparently ranking at retailers other than Amazon or Animate means jack shit this season, sooo yeah, the Stalker estimate is probably pretty close, a bit over 2k.

      I assume only Hoozuki and maybe Noragami are likely to have decent underestimations now, since they rank at Animate, especially Hoozuki.

  7. something says:

    I was thinking maybe we could explain the fairly low underestimations for Chuunibyou and Saki on their Amazon-exclusive versions. If you take a modest chunk of the Stalker prediction and put it towards a version that is by definition Amazon-only, then logically it would dilute storefront effect to some degree.

    Amazon LEs made up:
    • 12.0% of Saki’s 4,502 final BD estimate (Stalker 5.4% underestimate)

    • 12.9% of Chuu2’s 4,821 final BD estimate (Stalker 13.2% underestimate)

    So that’s 12-13% of the estimation that can have no storefront effect at all.

    And at the same time, Mikakunin was 28.9% underestimated on BD despite not ranking nearly as consistently well as Chuunibyou at other retailers except Animate occasionally. It did not have Amazon version, so 100% of its prediction was subject to underestimation.

    Buuuuuuuut… it just doesn’t feel like enough to explain the difference. Chuu2 just ranked too well at non-Amazon retailers to only be underestimated 13% even if some of that prediction was Amazon-only. And Sakura Trick had no Amazon version, and only got a 15% underestimate on a sub-2k prediction despite strong storefront performance at Gamers, the store that made Symphogear G into such an underestimated show (64%) after only ranking there for only 2 weeks! Not to mention Neptune (50%) and LitBus s2 (35%). (LitBus has Softmap too but Softmap also has Walkure Romanze in its top 10 pretty consistently so uhhhh yeah, not sure how relevant it is.)

    In the end, it just looks like stores other than Amazon and Animate do not move enough volume to matter if the season as a whole is weak.

    Get every volume in the top 10 at Gamers probably two dozen times, ranking only behind Madoka movie and Utapri live? Doesn’t count for shit if nothing else is selling either.

    Meanwhile, rank even a couple times at Animate without being particularly strong anywhere else? Bam, almost 30% under even in a dead season despite a final Stalker estimate right in line with other shows.

  8. mk03 says:

    Those Sakura Trick sales….. Well, it’s not like I expected it to sell well anyway, but it’s still sad to see those sales. Also, I never knew that the manga is pretty unpopular, or didn’t sell high enough to chart on Oricon. Hopefully the anime selling relatively mediocre won’t kill the manga ala C3-bu, Nichibros or Medaka Box Abnormal. Also, “RIP Sakura Trick, RIP yuri anime, RIP every goddamn thing in this goddamn world.” I can’t stop laughing at this statement, but I can understand your feelings knowing that you’re a big yuri fan. As a non-yuri fan of ST, I’m also a bit sad to see it flop.

    Chuu2… I’ve been watching season 2, and I think those sales were deserved. Satone didn’t really contribute much to the plot, Kumin was near non-existent, and Rikka’s chuuni frankly outwore its welcome. I wasn’t a big fan of season 1, but for me, season 2 started of stronger, but within a few episodes the show lost its focus and lost its charm.

    Also, RIP Winter. Let Spring be a new beginning for anime and let the failures of the past lead to the successes of the future.

    As for next season, tentatively I’m watching Mekaku and Love Live, but since I have a long summer vacation (it’s summer in the Philippines) ahead of me due to my university’s academic calendar shift (look it up, “University of the Philippines calendar shift”), I might add more.

    • something says:

      “Also, I never knew that the manga is pretty unpopular, or didn’t sell high enough to chart on Oricon.”

      “Unpopular” is not technically dictionary wrong, but it tends to imply an active sort of dislike, whereas in this case I’d go with “niche” as a better choice because it’s more that most people don’t even know it exists/pay any attention to it. It was a basically unknown manga in an already very small segment of the manga market. As I mentioned, it’s very rare for yuri manga to rank at all (at least on Oricon, as torisunanohokori noted niche manga may be more likely to sell slowly over time than in week one bursts).

      “Hopefully the anime selling relatively mediocre won’t kill the manga ala C3-bu, Nichibros or Medaka Box Abnormal.”

      Why would it kill the manga? At worst sales would be flat, in all likelihood they went up. Just how much they went up, we’ll never know.

      • Bob says:

        “Why would it kill the manga?”

        Both anime of C3-bu and Nichibros fail to increase the manga sales. So their respective published took the decision to cancel them. It’s the same case with Bimbogami ga.

        For Medaka Box, it not only the fault of the anime, but also the low ranking in the Shonen Jump poll at the end of the magazine.

        For Sakura Trick, I don’t know if it could kill the manga, I think not, Sasameki Koto and Aoi Hana anime both failed even more and their respective manga have not been canceled, but who know.

        • There a number of possible reasons why Binbougami ga concluded when it did. The anime failing to increase manga sales is not one of them: http://animetics.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/binbougami-ga-ma.png

        • something says:

          If there were a case where a publisher were looking to anime sales to judge whether to continue a manga, the anime doing poorly wouldn’t “kill” the manga – it just wouldn’t have saved it. I think there’s a really important semantic difference there. If something is that close to the chopping block already, the anime shouldn’t really be blamed.

          In any case I doubt this applies to Sakura Trick, which nobody reasonable could have expected great sales from.

          • Bob says:

            Yeah maybe the anime increased in some ways the popularity of the Binbogami ga and Lives of High School Boys, but it’s really odds they both end shortly after their anime ending. It’s even more odds that in both cases the anime was made by Sunrise’s studio 5.

            But whatever the reason, it’s clear that those animes
            failed to accomplish their missions and the “Binbogami ga” manga and the “Lives of High School Boys” manga was canceled because of that. The purpose of an anime is not to advertise a manga that will finish soon.

            • something says:

              “The purpose of an anime is not to advertise a manga that will finish soon.”
              That depends, we’ve seen a number of cases where anime were greenlit to coincide with the manga/novels coming to a close, such as Gosick or OreImo s2. I have no idea if that was the plan for the shows we’re discussing (I’d guess no), but it is a deliberate production choice in some cases.

              • hpulley says:

                Earth Star Comics is starting to look like they shut down series that don’t have successful adaptations. Could be a coincidence but Teekyuu and Yama no Susume sold well and got 2-4x the monthly chapters while Mangirl! ended almost unannounced without bothering to publish the final tankonon and Sekatsuyo also seems to have ended in January. Nobunagun seems to be skipping months and writing few page chapters. We will see of it ends after this season.

                But Pupa was obviously planned to end simultaneously but then the anime was delayed. So I don’t know. But I was hoping for a Tokyo Cycle Girl adaptation but now I’m not sure.

                • hpulley says:

                  Should add for Sekatsuyo it may have been planned. The main story either ended or went on hiatus for a side story which ended in January and seems to have ended the series. But it sure feels like the main story was unfinished. It is a good stopping point but just like the anime points to their future the manga is the same. But perhaps it was just supposed to end there. I wish the mangaka weren’t so tight lipped.

                  I should ask Mangirl author as she doesn’t seem yo be doing anything lately. I shall test the waters.

                  • hpulley says:

                    So, I asked Tamaoka Kagari (great name for WCW fans, BTW) after getting into a conversation with her. She didn’t answer my query as to whether Mangirl! ended according to plan or not. So even a poor mangaka who is currently out of work, just doodling in her PixiV account is too tight lipped to spill the beans. Good for her future work prospects I’m sure but I am still in the dark.

                    Poor girl though, apologizing that the volume 4 of Mangirl! I was looking forward to, is never coming out.

                    • hpulley says:

                      Though I rudely pressed her further and asked outright what she makes the most profit out of, manga or the adaptation, books or blurays. She said she doesn’t get any of the profit out of the blurays, just a manuscript fee and some royalties. Now, her arrangement for Mangirl! with Earth Star Entertainment may not be industry standard but that’s interesting to me. Public tweets between the two of us so I’m not spilling the beans on any private conversations.

                    • something says:

                      I remember reading something in that Sevakis article that gave us the ~55% take-home for production committees also stating:
                      “First, you have royalties to pay to three important creative people, who get their cut directly from every sale: the director (kantoku), the head writer (シリーズ構成 – series kosei, usually translated as “Scenario” or “Series Composition”), and the gensakusha (creator, see part 1). They each get 1.7% of net revenues.”

                      But this was a very broad article, drawing generalized conclusions. It won’t describe every (or even necessarily most) relationships, and may just be relevant to the companies the people he talked to work for. And certainly I can see relationships being different for series better measured in minutes than episodes like Mangirl.

                    • hpulley says:

                      Interesting then as I thought I’d heard that they make about 10% on manga. With discs on average being around 10x the price, 1.7% would still mean more from a disc but from her answer it didn’t sound like she made much from Blurays which implied she made more from manga.

                      Still, an interesting conversation as Mangirl! is essentially an anime about a manga about a manga becoming an anime… in an anime… animemangaception!

                    • hpulley says:

                      Though Mangirl! didn’t sell very well… I guess I could figure out her take. 339 units, 7350 yen retail, if we assume 1.7% of the retail price that’s 42000 yen, if it’s from some sort of net then … 20000 yen? Could that be right? That’s not very much… I hope the manuscript fee was more!

                    • something says:

                      Should be out of retail, but yeah, a couple hundred bucks would likely be all she got from it. But I do assume there would be some more significant up-front fee as well.

                      Or maybe not in this specific case, these short shows are probably looking for minimal costs and any benefit she’d have gotten would be through increased manga sales (if the manga continued).

                    • hpulley says:

                      Sadly, it did not. The anime was on the cover of Earth Star Comics magazine in May of 2012 when the anime was on sale… and its final chapter came out the very next month. The final chapters didn’t get into a final tankobon volume. Manga volumes 1-3 are incomplete; unless you read Earth Star Comics you didn’t even know it ended. As I said, she didn’t answer my question about whether it was planned for it to end at that point.

                    • hpulley says:

                      Oops, May 2013 I meant.

            • It’s important to consider that not all manga that end do so for financial reasons. Hiroyuki Takei stopped working on Shaman King for years because of simple burnout, and Takehiko Inoue famously ended Slam Dunk (one of the top 5 manga of all time by tank sales) very abruptly in the peak of the Jump boom in the mid-90s. Unlike anime, where directors can and occasionally do get replaced over the course of a series’ run, a mangaka can single-handedly end their series on fairly short notice if they decide they’ve had enough of it.

              It is within the realm of possibility that the decisions to end the manga were business/finance-based, but there’s certainly enough reasonable doubt against that being the only possible scenario. Like something said a little earlier, there’s an important semantic difference between “failed to prevent the ending” and “caused the cancellation”, with the former implying several possibilities and the latter implying strong confirmation of one possibility.

    • There is (at best) circumstantial evidence for any of the mediocre-selling anime you named actually “killing” the manga. Medaka Box and C3-bu didn’t measurably increase sales, but the former was steadily hitting 100k chart totals for volumes released before and after it aired. Even if Jump has high standards for sales, that level of tank ranking is usually enough to keep a series running so long as the author wants to keep doing it.

      There’s even less evidence for anime having anything to do with the ending of Daily Lives of High School Boys, which got an extremely pronounced manga sales boost from the anime: http://animetics.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/daily-lives-ma.png

  9. mk03 says:

    Also, according to what I’ve read, Nisekoi v1 only sold around 2k. Is this true? If so, poor SHAFT.

    • AnimePhoenix says:

      ….but sales data for Nisekoi isn’t even out yet.

      • something says:

        Yeah… first week sales are going to be counted until Sunday and data won’t be released until Tuesday. I assume he meant Stalker estimates, which were 3,656 DVD+BD, plus it should be underestimated somewhat. Of course it also has an event ticket so it’ll drop later.

        • hpulley says:

          Nisekoi is looking good on the dailies is far while WCW has already dropped off.

          • something says:

            WCW never quite built up much storefront presence, while Nisekoi has ranked at Animate sometimes – and as is quite clear this season, Animate is the only non-Amazon retailer who is even remotely relevant. Well that and its event ticket, so heck, it might outsell WCW v1, when you consider it should have about 1k DVDs while WCW is one BD version only.

  10. something says:

    Full list updated blah blah blah.

  11. Erf says:

    I don’t understand, wasn’t Sakura Trick strong as hell in Gamers? What happened?

    • something says:

      What happened is Gamers doesn’t matter, apparently. Clearly they’re just way too small, and the with the season being so weak overall, ranking in their top 10 apparently doesn’t take much. Hell maybe you can sell 5 copies and get in the top 10 in a day, I dunno.

      • Erf says:

        I see, what a shame.

        • something says:

          It’s especially disappointing because we know they *can* matter, like when they boosted Symphogear G’s sales through the roof and it was 60+% underestimated – most of its storefront presence was at Gamers, and only in the last two weeks before release.

          I mean Sakura Trick didn’t take #1 that often but it was up against Madoka Movie 3 and two Utapri live event discs, so that really didn’t seem odd. It does make me wonder how bad this season must have been for Gamers as a company, at least in terms of disc sales. if the title dominating your top 10 most days for months ends up moving maybe 150-200 units over that time (assuming at least some of the other non-Amazon stores sold some!)…

          A couple possible reasons why it could have been so misleading:
          1. Slow season, thus ranking highly didn’t mean much, especially if other shows had better tokuten outside of Gamers.

          2. The times it tended not to rank as highly were days that were release days for other anime. Maybe Gamers’ sales volume outside of those 1-2 peak days per week is just completely irrelevant.

          3. Maybe it did sell a lot at Gamers, but the Stalker estimate of Amazon was just really overinflated, so instead of only selling a couple hundred over the estimate it sold a good deal more, because the estimate should have been lower. This is one complication of relying on Stalker estimates to gauge storefront sales. Both strong storefront sales and Amazon overestimation can coexist, so you never know how that final underestimation percentage was arrived at. Buuuuuut, with a BD estimate below 2k on Stalker, I can’t imagine this is all that big a deal here. It’s not like it spent a day at #1 and totally inflated its average then dropped like a rock.

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