I probably won’t do my Winter thoughts again until the season is over, considering my ranking not changed even once since my first update (except that I’ll probably rank Chuu2 and Saki as a tie).

But I did want to make a place for a bit of discussion about shows upcoming in Spring. Given how dreadful Winter sales are, I suppose it’ll be nice to move to a season where some shows might sell.

(Although, none of the shows I’m most interested in are likely to sell at all so I guess it won’t be all that interesting for me!)

I’m using anichart.net’s Spring list for the below, but I dunno how accurate it is – all these charts seem to differ.

Guaranteed Watches, high expectations
1. Fairy Tail – I like a good long shounen every once in a while and the original season of this was probably my favorite in that genre, even though I don’t watch too many shows like this. Hands down my most anticipated Spring series though.

2. Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? – Cute girls working in a cafe, with no male protagonist in sight? Sounds like a guaranteed import.

3. Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san – Fun, lighthearted, and yuri, ergo watch and import. The main downside is it’s one of those short-episode shows and while I’ve enjoyed a number of those, only Yama no Susume has ever felt like a fully fleshed out series rather than a sequence of brief gags.

Guaranteed Watches, reserving judgment
4. Akuma no Riddle – This by all rights should be my most anticipated show, but I’m getting very mixed signals from people as to how much of a yuri focus there is. Some say it’s a straight up yuri manga, others say it’s barely yuri at all, more background subtext. And if I somehow put aside the yuri, this, uh, really doesn’t look very good. Well, I like the director at least and I’m more than happy to be pleasantly surprised. I very much want to like this… but I’m keeping expectations low.

Possible Watches
5. Mahou Shoujo Taisen – I know basically nothing about this but a magical girl war sounds fantastic on paper. However, the-empty-husk-of-a-studio-formerly-known-as-Gainax isn’t a name that inspires loads of confidence these days.

6. Selector Infected WIXOSS – Uhhh, looks like some sort of card anime thing but all-female cast means watch, just hope it’s better than Fantasista Doll or whatever (which was modestly enjoyable, but… not very good).

7. Soul Eater Not – I enjoyed Soul Eater quite a bit outside of the horrid ending the anime had, and the idea of a slice of life show in that world where both the weapon and her potential meisters are female sounds intriguing.

8. Mekaku City Actors – This will very very probably be completely terrible light novel-esque superpowered teenager stuff but as an enormous Vocaloid fan (albeit one that doesn’t listen to a lot of Jin) I suppose I need to at least take a look out of sheer curiosity! (Even though it’s not “a Vocaloid anime” and being a fan of Vocaloid really shouldn’t be factoring into my decision at all…)

That’s probably it. Anything I didn’t list has roughly a 0.0% chance. I did like the first season of Date a Live buuuut I dunno if I want to watch the sequel. I’m trying to stay far away from light novel harem stuff.

I originally had Sadon Desu at #5 but apparently it’s vaporware, which is probably a good idea given the idea of Gainax doing two shows in one season is kind of hilarious. Also supposedly Locodol is Summer now? I really need to find a better site than Anichart, they always seem to be very very slow to update. Both were on my list, at like #5 and #8 respectively, so I guess I’ll try them when they come out. Even though one is Gainax and the other is an idol show and the only idol anime I like are Idolmaster and to a lesser extent Utapri.

And of course watching any of the above is contingent upon acceptable subs being available, although Gochuumon and Inugami-san I could certainly watch raw if need be. Fairy Tail will definitely be on Crunchyroll so I’m not worried about that one.

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  1. Laciie says:

    Ah, if you’re looking for a site better than anichart, how about livechart.me? I used to use anichart too but got kinda irritated at the slow updates. I’m just a little too impatient. Livechart’s a great website and updates fairly quickly.

    Jin’s a pretty good author and the original KagePro is very good, so I hope Mekaku City Actors turns out well as well. Jin’s in charge of the scripts, so it will be loyal to the original…

    • something says:

      I haven’t read the novels or manga for KagePro so I can’t comment on its quality, I just have a hard time believing the content will be the sort of show I like these days. Still, I’ll give it a try, I do like Shaft.

      Though I thought I read somewhere it was confirmed that the story would be new and not follow any existing manga or novels? Though maybe you meant “loyal” in terms of tone and style which i can understand.

      And I’ll check out livechart, thanks.

      • Laciie says:

        By loyal yeah, I meant in terms of tone and style. It’ll be what Jin wanted it to be so things potentially shouldn’t go wrong (at least I hope not!).

  2. rederoin says:

    If you want a site that is more accurate and updates faster, use this

    Assuming you’re okay with it not listing the synopsis, it does however link to the official anime sites. I myself use that site in combination with keep track of the anime announcement myself.

    I’m also really looking forward to Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?, Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san (and M3). I migth even import Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san on my limited budget, shorts don’t tend to be that expansive. And generating more interest in yuri is always a good thing.

    • something says:

      Yeah I’ll probably use Moon Phase to reconcile discrepancies/do a final confirmation, and livechart for a visual chart with synopses and all that for quick overview, since it looks pretty good.

  3. musouka says:

    I can’t say one way or the other as far as yuri content in Riddle goes, not having read it myself, but I do know that Kouga Yun is at least willing to deliver on that front, even if it might be overstated in this particular case.

    Not a whole lot for me this upcoming season, but there’s at least some stuff on my radar. Summer looks to be pretty packed, though.

    • something says:

      Well it’s going to bomb and we won’t get any more for another 5 years anyway so OH WELL doesn’t matter.

    • AnimePhoenix says:

      Yeah, Summer looks pretty packed for me too. It’s shaping up to look like the best season this year for me.

      • something says:

        I’m fairly certain in the end, Winter will have been my favorite season this year. Sakura Trick is unchallenged AOTY hands down, Chuunibyou Ren I like even more than s1, and Saki Zenkoku-hen may be the best season of that franchise. Then even Sonico was a very pleasant surprise, totally unlike what I would have expected from it.

        I am only finishing four non-shorts (dropped WUG) but they’re three top tier and one very good show so that’s something. Winter is already better than Fall ’13 for me, if you adjust for number of shows released.

        Meanwhile my Spring list looks dismal. I’m excited for Fairy Tail, but I tend not to count long-running shows when evaluating a season. And Inugami-san is a short, so it only partially counts. That leaves Gochuumon as the one and only show I’m unreservedly hyped for this season. Maybe one of the shortlist will surprise me but I’m not holding my breath.

        Summer is too incomplete a list to judge yet, but it should be a step up from Spring. I mean, Yama no Susume s2 alone is better than my reaction to the whole Spring lineup. And if Free s2 does air in summer, that’s another top tier show. There’s also Prisma Illya though the last ep of s1 really dampened my enthusiasm for the series. And I’m oddly intrigued by Sabagebu, but I think I just want someone to take another crack at doing C3-bu right (also it runs in a shoujo mag so I’d love to see how that background influences it).

        And looking really far ahead, there’s more Log Horizon in fall!

  4. AnimePhoenix says:

    Spring doesn’t look that exciting but hey, it’s much better than Winter.

    I’m definitely watching these:
    -Haikyuu! (Mostly all male cast, sports show, same studio as my beloved Kurobasu. Insta-watch.)

    -Isshukan Friends( At least average 3k. Please. I really want more shounen romance series like this one to be animated more often!)

    -Soredemo Sekai Utsukushii(. Sales will probably be bad, even worse than Kamisama Hajimemashita(same magazine) but this probably was made into an anime after Kamisama Hajimemashita went from selling 35k to 110k thanks to the anime)

    -Kiniro no Corda 3 Blue Sky(The anime(the first one) which turned me into a real anime fan and my favorite reverse harem otoge anime)

    -Kamigami no Asobi(Kamiya Hiroshi voicing a long haired blonde? YES PLEASE! And the heroine looks like she might have a personality according to the PVs so sure!)

  5. Masterman says:

    No JoJo? The first 2 parts of the series has always been filler for Stardust Crusaders, which is when the series truly begins. If you didn’t like the first season you should still give the second season a chance as it’s going to be pretty different.

    • something says:

      I didn’t watch the first season, so it’s not a matter of disliking it, but rather of not watching a sequel to something I haven’t seen.

      • Masterman says:

        Then you should watch the first season, and even if you don’t want to you should at least watch the first episode of the second season as the stories of each arc are self-contained and you don’t need to watch the first season to appreciate and understand the second season.

  6. Kurama says:

    You’re not watching Mushishi or Ishuukan Friends? I haven’t been as excited for any series in over a year as I have for these two.

    • something says:

      I was somewhat interested in Mushishi and bought the R1 DVDs for dirt cheap in some TRSI clearance sale way back in the day when I for some reason used to buy R1s. But like most of what I bought in those clearance sales, I never actually watched it, so I’ll pass on the sequel. Also not really interested in it (or a lot of other things) anymore.

      As for Isshukan Friends, I’m just not very interested in opposite sex relationships in anime these days, with a few exceptions. Anime just isn’t very good at them, although to this show’s credit it sounds like a really sweet premise without a lot of the stuff that makes me shun the genre. (Maybe it’s the art giving me that idea.)

      But even if it ends up being one of the positive examples, given that I only end up finishing 3-5 shows a season nowadays I don’t have any plans to make it an exception.

  7. rederoin says:

    I have been wondering, since you put Fairy tail over both the cute things doing cute things show of the season, and the yuri show(Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san). What sets it apart from all the other battle shounen series?

    • something says:

      I would normally say it’s because it’s the only sequel on the list, and that is a big factor. And overall this just looks like a terribly, painfully weak season for anything I care about. But it would have been very high even in a season I could be excited about.

      If Inugami-san were a full-length series, it would be unquestionably #1, but as a short I expect it to be little more than a cute couple minutes of gags and yuri each week. Which I’m all about, but that “couple minutes” part hurts.

      Odds are, Gochuumon will be my favorite show of the season, but until any eps air, I have more reason to be excited about something I followed for 175 episodes than something that just happens to be a given genre. I guess Gochuumon is a lock anyway, because I won’t include long ongoing shows in my seasonal rankings.

      But what do I like about Fairy Tail in particular? What drew me to it initially was “Traditional shounen battle manga adaptation with a female narrative viewpoint? Holy shit what?” Also, I like Hirano Aya so it’s nice to hear her in a major lead role. Then I watched the first episode, and the male co-lead Natsu made a good first impression, which helped a lot (also his seiyuu is one of my favorite male seiyuu).

      And 175 episodes later, it proved not to be a bait-and-switch. Lucy is still centrally important and a really great character. The filler arc in particular did really fantastic things fleshing out her backstory and emotions. The music is phenomenal – I probably heard certain tracks over a hundred times in the first series and they still excite me. The production values… are passable for a 175 episode show, you have to expect some laziness here and there, and sometimes they get quite good when it matters. (Though I’m always impressed how clean the HxH reboot looks almost every week.)

      But standing alongside the large and diverse (okay not overly diverse in bust size but I’ll allow it) female cast full of characters with storylines to contribute and the narrative agency to carry them out every bit as effectively as the male characters is the fact that the show just has so. much. heart. The big climaxes peak at these wonderfully stirring emotional swells that I get totally swept up in, aided by that previously mentioned phenomenal music. The whole NAKAMA POWER thing should be impossibly cheesy, and maybe it is, but goddamn it’s just so exciting and the characters are so passionate about it that you can’t help but feel the same way, especially when some remix of “Dragon Force” is playing.

      (And yes, the women in the show are just stupidly hot, Lucy may be the single sexiest character I can think of in anime. But that’s uh, just a side bonus! There’s cuteness too, especially Wendy. Oddly, I usually prefer cutesy characters but Mashima’s designs and their anime counterparts just work so well. The show can definitely be cheesecake-y, but it’s hard to find much fault with some out of place bikinis or torn-clothes fanservice when the role of women in this show beats the ever living shit out of most other mixed-gender cast anime.)

      • rederoin says:

        Well that settles it, I was already looking for a good battle shonen to replace HxH once it stops airing in Spring or Summer. I think i’ll be trying it out, since very few battle shonen acteally have good female leads(I can only think off Busou Renkin, out of what i’ve seen, and that was only 1 girl).

        Thanks for writing all of that up.

        • something says:

          It’s also rather well liked by a couple other people I talk to who generally don’t give these shows the time of day, so yeah it’s really worth a try. Both of them had originally fallen behind and dropped it but one just caught up on the last 60 or so episodes (and very much enjoyed it) and the other is trying to work through about 100 in preparation for the series coming back. I think a couple others in my twitter timeline were seriously considering trying to catch up as well.

          It sounds like it marathons really well, I almost kinda wish I had seen some parts in chunks rather than once a week.

    • Progeusz says:

      Just keep in mind that anime is visibly inferior to manga. Worse art, censorship, butchered fight scenes, fillers. Even then, anime is still pretty nice with better than average music and seiyuu being its advantages. I dropped it at episode 17 but lack of time was deciding factor then, not the quality. However manga is simply the most beautiful and sexy weekly battle shounen, if not weekly manga overall.

      • something says:

        Filler is a bit of an unfair complaint, considering how vanishingly little it has compared to what we expect from long running shounen. And the one substantially long filler arc we did get actually provided some top notch character development for Lucy, so while it dragged on a little bit by the end watching weekly, it should be pretty great marathoned.

  8. Nico says:

    Will try out the following shows for sure:

    Mekaku (SHAFT, idols, decent music)
    Gochuumon (cute girls show of the season..?)
    No Game No Life (Madhouse!)
    Love Live S2 (MORE LOVE LIVE!!!)
    GJ-bu@ (obviously)

    After those there’s only Akuma no Riddle and Hitsugi no Chaika which I will probably pick up if one or more of the shows listed above completely sucks. Might also give Knights of Sidonia a try if most of everything else is garbage.

  9. hpulley says:

    My plans are the usual. I will watch everything on Crunchy and Funi and anything else that I know is really good.

    Lovelive2 is a top expectation for a buy. Already ordered the Solo I I Box and OP and ED CDs.

    Mekaku City Actors, M3, Brynhildr, Akuma no Riddle some others too but I will watch at least the first episode of everything as always.

  10. something says:

    So Crunchyroll got InuNeko, which is good. I’m also still assuming Fairy Tail will be a lock due to the TV Tokyo connection (and by “connection” I mean TVT owns a big chunk of CR).

    They also just announced Jojo, including the first season, so I might watch it. Maybe. Depends on whether I really feel like plowing through two cour of stuff in a week or two. I may not.

    Now if they’d just announce Gochiusa, but that doesn’t air for a week so it’ll be a while before we hear. Akuma no riddle would be nice too, airs in a day, but my expectations for it are low.

  11. hpulley says:

    Fairy Tail on Funimation at 10pm ET tonight if you are so inclined…

    • something says:

      I’d rather take drugs that exponentially enhance my pain senses before feeding myself to flesh-eating beetles than watch a Funi stream, so not particularly.

      My list of planned viewing has changed somewhat since the initial post. I’m waiting until all the streaming announcements are done then I’ll probably update this or whatever.

    • hpulley says:

      And Crunchyroll has it at 10:30pm ET!

  12. rederoin says:

    Judging by its first episode, it seems SE:NOT will have yuri undertones, just so you know.

    • something says:

      Funimation got it though, so I’m not watching it. Planning to do a Winter recap and update on spring plans tonight.

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