Ranking summary for the weeks of 2019 04/08, 04/15

The following rankings have been updated to reflect the full data released this week.

» 2000-Present, TV Anime Sales over 10k
» 2000-Present, Long-running franchises, Average and Per-volume sales
» TV Anime, All Re-releases
» Box Office Gross, TV Anime Adaptations
» Series Data – Quick View

» 2018 Total Average Sales Ranking
» 2018 Per-volume Sales Ranking
» 2018 Fall Seasonal Vol 1 Rankings

» 2019 Total Average Sales Ranking
» 2019 Per-volume Sales Ranking
» 2019 Winter Seasonal Vol 1 Rankings

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Manaria Friends joins the 10k list. It’s the 174th since 2000, 1st for publisher Happinet, 1st for studio Cygames Pictures, and 1st for year 2019.

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