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I’m posting this heads up because with the way I have the posts sort, the new ones I added are like miles back with the initial batch of per-vol/vol1/average posts. The 2014 posts have been started, given that a lot of titles release this week and will be in next week’s rankings:

» 2014 Winter Seasonal Vol 1 Rankings

» 2014 Total Sales by Volume

» 2014 Total Average Sales, TV/ONA

I’ve linked them in the Table of Contents and will also do so in the weekly ranking summary posts going forward.

3 Responses to “2014 posts now started”

  1. hpulley says:

    とある飛空士への恋歌 going to be solicited this year??? I’m starting to wonder…

  2. primadog says:

    Thank you for your hard work!

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