2019 Winter Vol 1 Rankings
Please note: Volume 1 sales are not the best, or even a particularly good, way to evaluate a series’ performance. Sometimes one of two formats doesn’t rank in volume 1, but ranks in a later volume. Often times volume 1 sales are inflated with bonuses like event tickets or bundled manga, etc. Always, always use the average sales when evaluating anime, not volume 1 sales. I only provide these because it takes many months before we have a final average and people like to be able to ballpark a season early on. Just be intelligent about it!

Sales #Weeks Title Release Date Formats Partial Ranking
33,216 60 Manaria Friends 2019/03/02 BD
26,054 4 IDOLiSH7 Vibrato 2019/08/27 BD-Box/DVD-Box
11,211 8 Gotoubun no Hanayome 2019/03/20 BD/DVD
8,513 5 B-Project: Zecchou*Emotion 2019/03/27 BD/DVD
5,704 3 Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen 2019/03/27 BD/DVD
4,077 3 Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! 2019/03/27 BD/DVD
2,533 2 Date A Live III 2019/05/24 BD/DVD
2,172 1 Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari 2019/04/24 BD/DVD
2,170 3 Mob Psycho 100 II 2019/04/03 BD/DVD
1,912 1 Dororo 2019/05/22 BD
1,612 1 Fukigen na Mononokean Tsuzuki 2019/04/03 BD/DVD
1,584 2 Mini Toji 2019/05/24 BD
1,335 1 Endro~! 2019/03/27 BD
1,217 1 Yakusoku no Neverland 2019/03/20 BD/DVD
775 1 Meiji Tokyo Renka 2019/04/17 BD/DVD
608 1 Girly Air Force 2019/03/29 BD
551 1 Puso Ni Comi 2019/07/17 BD-Box/DVD-Box
530 1 Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue. 2019/03/22 BD/DVD
527 1 Ueno-san wa Bukiyou 2019/03/29 BD
414 1 Boogiepop wa Warawanai (2019) 2019/03/27 BD/DVD Yes
396 1 Piano no Mori 2nd Season 2019/11/20 BD-Box/DVD-Box
361 1 Kakegurui×× 2019/05/17 BD
349 1 Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka 2019/04/24 BD/DVD Yes
194 1 Grimms Notes The Animation 2019/06/19 BD-Box
156 1 W'z 2019/02/27 BD/DVD Yes
136 1 Egao no Daika 2019/04/02 BD
120 1 revisions 2019/04/03 BD/DVD
98 1 Circlet Princess 2019/06/28 BD-Box
3D Kanojo: Real Girl 2nd Season 2019/03/27 BD/DVD
Pastel Memories 2019/04/03 BD/DVD

Partial Ranking means a release came out on more than one video format, but only one of the two ranked.

Season-specific notes

Vol. 1 Unranked, Later Vol. Ranked

24 Responses to “2019 Winter Seasonal Vol 1 Rankings”

  1. KurumiNightmare says:

    Really surprised how good Manaria and Gotoubun no Hanayome are selling. Well for manaria i assume they had some good bonus since it comes from same company as granblue, as for Gotoubun rly didnt see that coming just wow was sure it would maybe sell just 1k max as mostly such shows do.
    Also really hard to keep up with this sales updates seems like MAL stopped posting them too and ANN is kinda so so =/

    • something says:

      Yes, Manaria has codes for GBF which is the only reason it’s selling this much. As for Gotoubun, v1 did come with an event ticket so I guess we’ll see if/how much v2 drops.

  2. AnimeNewsWatcher465 says:

    What’s a ticket event? Is it a special bundle that comes with the Vol or something else? Either way, it’s good to see Gotoubun doing high numbers as well in both the manga and BD copies. High chances of season 2 now I assume.

    Also, is Domestic GF getting a BD release? Just wanna know, cuz I wanna see how low they might get after how rushed it’s become and even manga fans are pointing this out.

    BTW, is DxD not getting a 5th season after how low the BD copies got? I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case, given how people were upset with the new art and animation. I think 4 seasons is enough for DxD really, as it’s started to kinda become bland now with the 4th season. Kinda like what’s happening with OPM, so I wouldn’t be surprised if OPM 2 gets the same treatment like DxD Hero. Also, do we know if Japan even liked the changes, since I went to a Japanese website on DxD and translated it and most of the comments were about them not really being too fond of them. Just what I’ve been seeing personally

    (also, can someone delete my previous comment please?)

    • something says:

      “What’s a ticket event? Is it a special bundle that comes with the Vol or something else?”
      If there’s going to be a live event, like meeting the cast or a concert or things like that, sometimes an anime will bundle an “event ticket” in one or more of the BD volumes. This isn’t literally a ticket to attend; you still have to buy the real ticket separately. But the event ticket in the BD will either guarantee you an opportunity to buy one (before they sell out to general admission), or give you better odds in a lottery set up to give you a chance to buy one.

      “Also, is Domestic GF getting a BD release?”
      None is announced yet. They may or may not announce one in the future.

      “BTW, is DxD not getting a 5th season after how low the BD copies got?”
      The BDs probably won’t be the deciding factor either way. But 5th seasons are obscenely rare in the first place, so the odds of that weren’t particularly high anyway, just in general.

      “Also, do we know if Japan even liked the changes”
      I’ve not watched any DxD and I’m not familiar with how fans reacted.

  3. Basuto says:

    Really excited for the sales result of Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka. It’s my favorite show this season. I hope it at least sells at the 1000 copy mark. If the other shows that I enjoy (Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! and Endro) for example does decent, I’ll be happy too.

    • something says:

      Numbers for Endro and Wataten are up. Asuka I had the wrong date for, it seems to have been delayed and is now late April. It’s estimated to sell very little though.

  4. danpmss says:

    Yo, Something. About Boogiepop, what does the partial ranking is refering to exactly?
    It’s kinda sad to see it getting such miserable numbers, so maybe this information will make my heart hurt a bit less :/

    • something says:

      There’s a note under the chart:

      Partial Ranking means a release came out on more than one video format, but only one of the two ranked.”

      So basically there was a DVD and a BD but we only have a number for the BD. Though I doubt the DVD sold more than about 100, even if we had data.

  5. GrimRaven says:

    Hi it has been awhile

    So how are the pre orders for shield hero doing? just asking if u pls share :)

  6. Mami Kawada Lover says:

    Really surprised to see Girly Air Force’s numbers, would have thought it could do 1,000 at least. Well at least the LN sales got boosted so it accomplished its mission, in any case.

  7. principeinquisidor says:

    Kemurikusa First Volume Sales Data

    On sale: 2019-03-29 (Friday)
    Episodes: 1-4
    Price: 7000 JPY (before VAT)
    Only Blu-ray release.

    2019-03-25 Week (First week): 5752
    2019-04-02 Week (Second Week): 4813
    Current total: 10565

    Currently second place behind Manaria Friends as biggest seller of the Winter Season, although it could creep to first place having in mind that current orders could be shipped as late as April 23th and that the sales trend has been similar to KemoFure first guidebook.

  8. aulia says:

    it’s a shame the art of 5toubun is really shitty most of the time, were they expecting the anime to bomb or something? considering the VA of the characters are all stars,the sales of BD are pretty good and the manga sold around 1 million copies during the anime air time that can’t be it right?

    • something says:

      Haven’t seen the show so I don’t have much of an opinion on the art, but if art or animation is bad, it most likely represents a rushed production, or one that was lacking enough talented artists. It’s less likely to have anything to do with budget directly. There are plenty of show with low sales potential and excellent production and also some of the reverse as well.

  9. Listeria says:

    I’m pretty ignorant about the logistics of sales. Is there a reason why some anime seem to only make sales during the first week of their release while others continue to make sales for multiple weeks?

    • something says:

      Given that most late night anime DVD/BDs are bought by a niche audience of older teens and adults, you’re going to make a large percentage of disc sales through online preorders. After all, “week 1” isn’t just a week, it’s every sale that week plus all the months before that it was on preorder, which shipped in the first week.

      When a show sells a significant number of discs after the first week, it usually means there were problems printing enough discs, so it took longer to fulfill orders, whether from production delays or maybe production of a physical extra that took extra time. Could also happen with a show that wasn’t finished airing when the discs came out, and maybe had something major happen in the story after that which drove additional sales. You sometimes see this with two-cour shows. And lastly, if it’s something like an event ticket, you may see a spike in sales right before the cutoff to submit your code and see if you got selected. That’s rare though.

  10. Hebi says:

    How’s Kaguya going after week 1? It hasn’t been updated since

    • something says:

      No way to tell, it didn’t rank after its first week. As you can see, there’s a lot of “1”s in the Weeks column. We only get the preliminary data these days, so the ranking thresholds are higher and we miss out on more data. All we can say is it sold less than 692 BDs in its second week.

  11. Ricardo says:

    Go Go Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka!

  12. something says:

    Couple leaks from https://rio2016.5ch.net/test/read.cgi/anime4vip/1556512733/605 for the week of 2018-04-08 give us some v1 updates:

    5,704 wk3 – Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai (was 4,875 wk1)
    4,077 wk3 – Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! (was 3,287 wk1)
    2,170 wk3 – Mob Psycho 100 II (was 1,947 since i forgot to add wk2 data when it ranked in wk3)

    Manaria v1 is also there but we already have more recent data from later weeks.

    Not sure why full weekly lists aren’t being posted regularly anymore when clearly there’s someone on 5ch or elsewhere who still has access to the data, but whatever.

  13. OtakingBR says:

    Any predictions for Domestic na Kanojo (Domestic Girlfriend)?

  14. something says:

    IDOLiSH7 Vibrato is a late entry onto the list. It’s a one-shot release containing 8 half-length episodes that streamed February/March, so it’s not really a full series, but we’ve counted similar-length series before. It’s not a movie or OVA in any case, so it counts. I guess this also means it’ll likely be the top seller of the year, for what that’s worth anymore.

    Edit: Nope, nevermind, Manaria’s tail just keeps going.

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