Now that what is technically the last weekly post of 2018 is up, it’s a good time to change how I’m approaching this site.

There are two main purposes someanithing has at this point:
1. A place to store a huge amount of historical data for easy access.
2. Somewhere to dump my thoughts on seasonal anime I’m watching and manga I’m reading.

Notice that the weekly sales posts aren’t mentioned there. They’re honestly just not that important. I’m also not the only place to go to get that data! You can just as easily follow the threads over at MyAnimeList. That link goes right to their “Anime Sales” category, so I recommend checking those out if you want week to week data.

So effective immediately, I won’t be posting the weekly threads. In the somewhat longer term (at least by the end of 2019), I want to rethink whether I keep this site or not, if there are good replacement options.

Obviously one of the drivers of this is that video disc sales simply aren’t very important anymore. And they’ve been pretty darn boring to follow for quite a while now, especially when I only watch a few shows a season and those usually don’t sell well. I’m also looking to cut some costs a bit, for various reasons. At present this site runs me about $450 a year (hosting + additional VPS + Oricon membership) and has eaten about $1.5k since I started it in 2014. I could cut that down to $120 a year if I just kept the Oricon membership (which I might eventually drop). I’d rather use that money to buy anime and manga.

Won’t be posting weekly threads anymore, but will keep updating the various ranking charts (quick view, averages, etc) until I figure out a way to replace this all with an online google spreadsheet.

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  1. Tuna says:

    sad to see this go away. Was fun while it lasted.

  2. Primadog says:

    This site has become an institution for the English fandom. It’d be a shame to lose it without a suitable replacement.

    I hope someone steps up to the plate and take over, but I doubt anyone could adequately replace the deligence and consistency you have shown over the years.

  3. Mami Kawada Lover says:

    Not sure if it will be for the best, MAL’s weekly sales threads aren’t the best and tend to be incomplete at best. Also not everyone has (or wants to make) a MAL account, so creating an account just to post there doesn’t feel like a good way to spend time.

    Your post above has gotten me thinking though: considering the past two years or so have been fairly rough when it comes to the shows you like, is your declining interest in anime and your belief in the declining importance of disc sales at least partially driven by the poor sales performance of some of your favorite shows?

    A suggestion though: maybe you can link your Curiouscat account here or in the toolbar? Quite a few of your answers there are insightful and could prove useful to your many readers.

    • something says:

      “Not sure if it will be for the best, MAL’s weekly sales threads aren’t the best and tend to be incomplete at best. Also not everyone has (or wants to make) a MAL account, so creating an account just to post there doesn’t feel like a good way to spend time.”
      Oh I absolutely recommend against actually posting on MAL, but at a minimum they’ll list anything I would have, except the occasional stage play/concert I guess, but I only did a handful of those anyway. So you can still see the data, even if it’s not in a nice table and such.

      What they might miss are the low-selling v1wk1 leaks from 5ch, but I’ll still be maintaining the per-volume, averages, quick view etc charts here for a long while yet (and in some form or another until I get tired of it) so the data won’t be inaccessible.

      I think the thing MAL is most lacking is a column for # weeks ranked. Not sure why they don’t include that.

      “is your … belief in the declining importance of disc sales at least partially driven by the poor sales performance of some of your favorite shows?”
      Why would the importance of disc sales be based on my personal tastes…? Like, it’s very obvious where the physical media industry is headed. This isn’t some secret knowledge only I possess. We see the declining video disc revenue each year in the JVA reports despite an increasing number of shows. We see the smaller and smaller slice of revenue discs account for each year in the AJA reports. We see the median disc sales dropping across the board. We see the shows that do sell being increasingly driven by mobage or event ticket bonuses. We see the makeup of production committees gradually shifting.

      “A suggestion though: maybe you can link your Curiouscat account here or in the toolbar? Quite a few of your answers there are insightful and could prove useful to your many readers.”
      Might not be a bad idea, though it may be a while before I make any changes.

  4. KurumiNightmare says:

    True that MAL provides sales aswell, but you kinda spoiled us rotten with such nice detailed posts when you also added directly below thoose sales to the tottals and various other helpfull info :D

    But i hope youll be able to stick around for a long time since you have always provided quality content with lots of interesting stuff. Personnaly i have always followed sales here even though there are other sites like MAL you mentioned.

    Also i know this might be a generic idea but perhaps you could add some ads to your site though that depends on the amount off ppl that visit the site to make such thing worth if that would make it easier to maintain the site alive…And add donate option which removes thoose ads or somethin like that dunno what your willing to do and all. Or perhaps have someone help you out a lil bit. Just bit sad that youll go away some time and kinda throwing out ideas like that that might change your mind or have some little side helper^^

    • something says:

      I explicitly avoid monetizing this site at all, in part because it brings expectations/obligations I’m not interested in but also because the whole thing is based on posting data that isn’t [i]really[/i] supposed to be disclosed publicly. I know everyone does it, but still. But the money isn’t the main issue. it’s more the idea of spending that money on something that just isn’t super important.

      In any case, the site itself won’t be going away any soon. I looked into free blogging options and they’re all way too basic. So I’ve dropped my Oricon subscription which cuts out about $120 a year. Between the 5ch threads and the MAL threads I don’t need to access Oricon directly to keep my spreadsheet updated.

  5. derp says:

    this is sad news. couldn’t you at least open a patreon or a donating page. i use these stats often and always look forward to your posts. At least use ads on the bottom and/or the top of the page so you get still maintain the site i wouldn’t mind it at all i check this site quite often. And it would be a huge loss for all of us to lose this site.
    The other sites like MAL doesn’t compare or add the total sales or give more info, And i don’t really like to use them.

    • something says:

      In the reply above yours I address the money part. It’s not the deciding factor, it’s just part of the combination with everything else.

      But just to reiterate, I’m still tracking the sales in my spreadsheet, and all the usual rankings will stay updated (albeit only every few weeks, probably) so you can still see volume totals and such.

      For a while yet that’ll be here (replacing this with a free blog is proving more of a pain than I expected), eventually it may be via some online spreadsheets – which will work just as well as the charts here, if not better since it’ll be easier to export the data.

      • derp says:

        Happy to hear that. hope it goes well. i’ve been on this site for years now. And it would’ve been weird for me not having this site to check the sales and volumes of the shows and let’s me see if any of the shows sells good enough or not to get more installments.

  6. Anime was a mistake says:

    Are 330$ worth of infrastructure really necessary?
    Unless you have something like >100k requests daily and >5GB worth of data I would really consider the option of scaling it down considerably, even if it means a couple of hours of boring sysadmin work.

    • something says:

      Domain is $140 a year and the VPS is $15/mo. When I ran it without the VPS it constantly got rebooted or set offline for “excess traffic”. Which I do think is ridiculous given this is a pretty niche site, but it is what it is. I was paying $20/mo for the VPS until they shut the site down entirely saying it was constantly out of RAM, and then offered a cheaper but more powerful VPS (gee, nice of them to let me pay more every month for years and not tell me) for $15/mo.

  7. Valtr says:

    i have been a long time with This site /:
    Good luck anyway

  8. Icer says:

    Sad to hear that you won’t be posting the weekly sales anymore. I’ve known about MAL’s weekly sales post too but MAL as a community is quite obnoxious so I’ve always come here for sales charts.

    Are there any other sites that provide disc sales weekly that isn’t MAL?

    • something says:

      I’m not sure. But again, I don’t recommend, like, reading the comments or posting on MAL. Just check it out for the numbers.

  9. David Smith says:

    I came to this site around 2016 because I want to know how well my favorite show sell BDs-DVDs. But after that I frequently go back despite only following 2,3 anime per year. Sometimes I just come to check all the comments because your comments are really funny and learn more about how the anime industry work. I have to say thank you very much for all the works you put into this. Yes BDs-DVDs sales are more and more boring these days, and we lost so many tools like Amazon Stalker and extended data. But all the knowledge I learn from you and this site will always stay with me.

    There are so many fans don’t know a single shit about the industry. They use, say, MAL score and total number members to argue a show’s popularity, and private a show they like while not consider giving something back for the industry and young/new fans tend to believe any crap and half-truth from “popular and trusthworthy” sources. I know that because I used to be one of them. So someone like you really help me to see the light. Sadly the ones like you become less and less these days. But I understand and respect any future decision you make.

    Once again thank you for all these years and good luck!

  10. Rafin says:

    Even thought it’s sad to lose the favorite source for sales info I’ll give a thumbs up in your decision.Use google spreadsheet, save the money & spend those on Anime & Manga (*˘︶˘*)

    • something says:

      Since posting this I’ve decided to keep the site up, since I realized what a big hassle it would be to move to a new one. Free blog options aren’t very good. I still won’t be posting the weekly sales, but I’m updating the various yearly/per volume/quick view/10k+ etc posts every 3-4 weeks, and the Vol 1 rankings roughly every week.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t seem MAL is doing weekly sales posts anymore. The page you linked doesn’t show any new posts since January 29th, and I can’t find any other recent posts about it either (so it’s not just a change of tag or something).

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