Did one of these for Fall 2016, albeit at a later point in the season, I think. All Points/Estimates are based on Amazon Ranking Stalker. Over/Under assumptions and comments below the table are my own. Upcoming Releases Points so far Estimate Rls Date Days to Rls Solcit Date Pts/Day Over/Under Series 6,910 25,994 2017/03/24 43 […]

See here for the 2016 Mid-year ranking.   2016 Full-year Ranking by Volume • This covers the week of 2015/12/14 (12/28付) through the week of 2016/12/05 (12/19付). • If the release is one I track, the amounts added over the last known number in parentheses. • (n/a) means we have data that is more recent […]

I haven’t done one of these since Winter 2015, largely because there simply hasn’t been much of anything interesting going on in anime sales (for me anyway) in a very long time. And honestly, that holds true this season as well: I’m only watching one show that might go over 5k, and definitely none that […]

For the 2014 JVA report post, see this post. The numbers below are for the category 日本のアニメーション(一般向け) which the official translated reports list as “Animation for Grown-ups Domestic” though 一般向け more means “general public”. I assume they’re defining the general public as “not kids”. But it’s not strictly late night anime, as the numbers really […]

See Full-year per-Volume and per-Series Total charts from Oricon for the 2015 Full-year ranking. I’d originally posted these as comments but ought to go ahead with a full post.   2016 Mid-Year Ranking by Volume http://katsu.ula.cc/test/read.cgi/piropiro320jp/1432224768/389 This covers the week of 2015/12/14 (12/28付) through the week of 2016/06/06 (06/20付). The following volumes have updated data: […]

First, please see “Oricon extended ranking data, backlog complete! Explanation and summary” to get the background on what this data is. Comments Same approach as 2015-06-27. See that post for details. As explained in this post, there will be no more Extended Ranking updates. Oricon closed the loophole and there’s no extended ranking to scrape […]

There was reason to believe this past week that Oricon has killed the extended ranking exploit we’d been using to estimate sales for titles ranking 101-300 each week. It could have been a glitch, but the fact that both just happened to cut off at a clean 100 seemed too coincidental. Now I think we […]

Question from Hahalollawl: “This season might not be representative, but lately does it seem like we’ve seen fewer sort of mid level hits? Like in the 5-10k range?” Stared typing up a comment but it got long so I’ll toss it in a post, especially because there’s been some talk lately about broader disc sales […]

See Mid-year per-Volume and per-Series Total charts from Oricon for the previous ranking in June.   2015 Full-Year Ranking by Volume http://katsu.ula.cc/test/read.cgi/piropiro320jp/1432224768/325 This covers the week of 2014/12/08 (12/22付) through the week of 2015/12/07 (12/21付). Normally I only list a disc if it’s got new data, but I already added the additional data when I […]

While I can’t put my raw spreadsheet up online for a number of reasons, I have had requests to make the data somehow available. I’ve thus compiled a simplified version of my spreadsheet (TV anime only). Note, I do not plan to keep this updated because it’s something of a pain to reformat the data […]