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What did you import in April?

April 2018 Imports


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Will add mine later.

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  1. AnimePhoenix says:

    Hi something,

    So, in the last few days or so, people have been reporting that Amazon Japan has temporarily stopped global shipping for anime/manga/LNs etc. Amazon says that it’s temporary but I’d still like to hear about what others are doing/where others are ordering from in case this becomes permanent. I mainly order manga magazines and art books so I can’t confirm for anime stuff (BDs/DVDs), but a friend said that he couldn’t order a light novel he wanted too.

    Any idea why Amazon Japan is doing this? They sent me no email about this happening and there are some more problems where magazines are getting different names (Hana to Yume was Flowers and Dream yesterday and Flowers and Fair the day before) plus even if I check the “International Shipping Available” option, it shows me books but when I put them in my cart, it says that they don’t ship it internationally. That and some magazines still ship but others don’t. It’s a bit cluttered.

    People have recommended using sites like Tenso but that service can be expensive too, iirc. I’ve tried sites like CD Japan but stuff goes out of stock there pretty quickly so I’d have to buy stuff almost every month and the shipping would really hurt. With Amazon, I could just put it my list and order them all together to save on shipping.

    What sites would you guys recommend to get something like this:

    • something something says:

      I stopped using Amazon so I can’t comment from direct experience. But I recall reading something about some kind of sale that’s going on right now, and Amazon’s heavy-handed approach to excluding international buyers from the sale is to just straight up prevent them from buying anything.

      Personally, the few books I don’t buy digitally now I just get from HMV.

      • AnimePhoenix says:

        A sale? What does it have to do with international buyers? HMV…does HMV have art books too? Thanks for the reply.

        • something something says:

          I don’t think the forum I saw it in allows external links but someone on the site I use for kanji learning said:

          “It could just be me, since I reported damage with a shipment around the same time, but since Thursday, manga and LNs, like https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/4048937057/ (pre-order) and https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/4063930998/ (in-stock), no longer display “This item can be delivered to Canada.”/“カナダにお届けできます。” and they fail during checkout.
          Third-party sellers have never worked, but stuff sold and shipped by Amazon itself hasn’t been an issue. Textbooks, games, and CDs all still seem fine. Can anyone check to see if this has changed for them, too?”

          Then someone else added:

          “I just looked around a bit on amazon.co.jp . The problem might be the Promotional action they have right now. Every Manga I checked coming directly from amazon is part of the 30% action and dosen’t ship to germany. Everything not part of the 30% action does ship. So maybe just wait till this 30% action ended and try again

          Though if you’re seeing it on every book, then maybe it’s not that.

          I don’t recall ever buying an artbook from HMV but I’m sure they sell most of them. Naturally their selection isn’t as huge as Amazon (who unfortunately gets unfair priority from publishers sometimes, especially if they want to do a limited release) but for new stuff I’ve never not been able to find something there.

          Their S&H is more expensive for small orders, I think, but it evens out for larger ones.

          • AnimePhoenix says:

            Thank you very much!

            Hmm, well, I tested some other books and some ship while the others don’t. This is just me, but I feel that tanks are more affected than magazines. I really hope that this Promotional Action ends on the 22nd as it says.

            Yes, the selection isn’t as huge but oh well, beggars can’t be choosers. At the very least, their S&H should be better than using a proxy, I think.

  2. AnimePhoenix says:

    So Amazon Japan is working for me again though there are some hiccups with their search function which is annoying but hey, that’s just a small thing.

    Print / Digital Manga:
    – Hana to Yume 4/20 2018 Issue.
    – The Hana to Yume 4/25 2018 Issue.
    – LalaDX April 2018 4/10 Issue
    – Fairy Tales of the World Colouring Book Mook

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