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Regarding when you should expect to see this site updated, I’ll follow roughly this schedule:

Tuesday, 3-4AM EST (UTC-4/5) – Preliminary DVD30/50 + BD20/20 ranking, new post. This is very consistent, except around the holidays when Oricon skips a week.

Thursday, morning/early afternoon EST – Full weekly DVD100 + BD100 ranking, editing previous post (so no bump). This can take until Friday; it depends when the data is released. Sometimes it’s not available at all on Thursdays, occasionally it even takes until the weekend, but Thursday is most common. Obviously if the initial ful list doesn’t come out until Friday, this would happen Friday evening instead.

Weekend, any time – Whole set of rankings updated as appropriate (seasonal vol 1s, yearly averages, yearly per-volume, series quick view, BD boxes), at some point over the weekend when I have time. This will go in a new post, with a summary of links to everything I updated that day. Lately I’ve been doing this every two weeks instead of weekly, mostly due to being tired and lazy.

I will also do some unscheduled posts if I just want to talk about something I’ve observed and or find interesting or noteworthy.

Mid-year rankings tend to come out in late June or early July. Full yearly rankings come out late January. Monthly rankings come out near the end of each month and go in the ranking summary posts.

General Discussion
Also, since I don’t see any reason to set up a forum just for sales discussion, I think we can use this post as a catch-all for any sales-related comments you have that don’t fit in one of the specific posts.

Comments on daily rankings, comments on preorder rankings, general questions, that sort of thing.

1,037 Responses to “Posting Schedule and Open Discussion”

  1. something
    something says:

    Just a heads up to those haven’t checked the weekly post again, Oricon issued a correction for YOI, bumping it to 50k. lol.

  2. Hahalollawl says:

    As someone who hopes streaming can make up for a decline in disc sales I’m not sure how to feel about Amazon Strike…anyone have any opinions? Good idea or no? Planning to buy it? Think it will make money for producers?

    • something
      something says:

      Of course it’ll be terrible. And the fact that they’re charging extra for it on top of Prime all but guarantees (at least in the US) that it’ll be a failure. The faster it fails, the better. The staggered roll-outs, sitting on licenses, terrible quality, it’s a mess. I just worry about all the shows they’ll take down with them in the process.

      • AholePony says:

        I agree. I did a double take when I saw it was in addition to Prime. I’m still trying to figure out what the $5/month goes to…. a bigger selection walled off? That sets a pretty scary precedent. Anime $5/mo, Movies $5/mo, Sitcoms $5/mo, News $5/mo….. plus almost $10/mo for Prime…..and we just are back to Cable again. Are they going to remove anime titles that Prime already has and give them to Strike? That would make it even worse!

        • something
          something says:

          It really amazing that it’s 2017 and there’s still literally only one companies that knows jack shit about how to do anime streaming. I wish Amazon and friends would just stick to catalog titles and leave simulcasting alone (or better yet, just get out of the business).

  3. AL says:

    It’s funny when you think about it – most shows (like 80% of it) struggles to surpass 10K per vol, while each year there’s always one or two show that surpass 35K or even 50K

    HOW did this happen…

    • something
      something says:

      It happens in all media really. Look at manga, or games, or music.

      Or, hell, income distribution in wealthy capitalist countries.

      There’s always a tip top that takes a wildly disproportionate amount of resource relative to the rest.

  4. something
    something says:

    Still waiting for the full Top 300 before I put up a post, but for those keeping track, the yearly lists are currently as follows:

    All-Genre Top 100: [link]
    • DVD threshold at #89 (#17 Animation) is 22,919
    • BD threshold at #99 (#37 Animation) is 20,953

    Animation Top 50: [link]
    • DVD threshold at #50 Animation is 6,713
    • BD threshold at #50 Animation is 14,917

    We still need more comprehensive lists before we get anywhere near seeing if series like Re:Zero or Delta add enough to hold onto 10ks.

  5. Guest says:

    but what’s happened to getsuyobi no tawawa sales?

  6. Progeusz says:

    I was waiting with this post and it payed off.
    Granblue Fantasy has taken spots #1, 2, 3 and 9 on amazon. All three tops spots belong to a series with just one episode that won’t air more until April.
    The power of mobage extras is real.

    • something
      something says:

      Yeah, Kancolle and Tourabu didn’t pack in special game codes as far as I know so it’ll be interesting to see how much mileage GBF gets out of this.

  7. Anon says:

    Every volume of BanG Dream will have event (concert?) tickets. It’s not something new (iirc Asterisk did it too) but I think it’ll be a first for a music/idol anime.

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