This post isn’t driven by anything special, I just felt like compiling this for my own purposes and a quick discussion on twitter, and wanted to take advantage of the table format. A lot of my favorite shows come from the Manga Time family, so I’m quite interested in how they’re doing.

Updated as of 2018-11-24

Sales data for Houbunsha Manga Time Adaptations

Title Average Vol 1 Year Did I Watch? Did I Import? Has/Is Sequel Sequel Type Kirara Carat Forward Max Miracle Home Ongoing?
Hidamari Sketch 6,507 7,839 2007 TV, OVA
Doujin Work 490 500 2007
Hidamari Sketch x365 8,687 10,026 2008 TV, OVA
K-ON! 43,878 54,257 2009 TV, Movie
Kanamemo 1,218 1,441 2009
GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class 4,904 5,281 2009 OVA
Hidamari Sketch x☆☆☆ 8,848 9,361 2010 TV, OVA
K-ON!! 39,472 43,904 2010 TV, Movie
Yumekui Merry [3] 2,559 5,585 2011
A Channel 5,515 6,831 2011 OVA
Kill Me Baby [1] 987 686 2012 OVA
Acchi Kocchi 2,321 2,520 2012
Hidamari Sketch xHoneycomb 7,530 9,975 2012 TV, OVA
Yuyushiki 3,334 3,511 2013 OVA
Kin-iro Mosaic 6,766 8,568 2013 TV, OVA
Love Lab [2] 3,027 5,584 2013
Sakura Trick 2,373 3,183 2014
Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? 11,195 12,996 2014 TV, OVA
Hanayamata 3,570 5,157 2014
Koufuku Graffiti 1,650 2,022 2015
Hello!! Kin-iro Mosaic 5,315 7,130 2015 TV, OVA
Gakkou Gurashi! 2,765 3,751 2015
Joukamachi no Dandelion 1,842 2,502 2015
Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?? 12,260 16,199 2015 TV, OVA
Anne Happy 1,106 1,446 2016
Sansha Sanyou 2,140 3,338 2016
New Game! 5,886 7,415 2016 TV, OVA
Stella no Mahou 670 788 2016
Urara Meirochou 878 1,059 2017
New Game!! 4,831 3,636 2017 TV, OVA
Blend S 3,885 3,167 2017
YuruCamp 14,110 15,167 2018 TV, OVA, Movie
Slow Start 1,661 1,914 2018
Comic Girls 1,475 1,744 2018 4 of 6
Harukana Receive 1,267 1,267 2018 1 of 6

[1] Kill Me Baby had an extraordinarily successful boxset compared to its singles run. The BD box sold 4,907, which is nearly 5 times the sales of the singles. The caveat is that it was a very cheap boxset of only ¥16k, but that’s still ¥78.5m, which is more than double what the DVD/BD singles grossed.
[2] Love Lab is the lone representative from Manga Home, which is also by Houbunsha but not in the Kirara lineup. It’s similar enough to the Kirara adaptations that I’m including it, and more to the point it’s the only Home title to ever get a late night anime adaptation. It has far more in common with Kirara than anything else in Home from everything I’ve seeing.
[3] Yumekui Merry is also pretty out of place in the list as well if you ask me, in terms of tone and genre! But it’s in a Kirara publication, so no reason not to include it. It was the most marginal import of them all for me, I think I only ended up sticking with it because the character designs were too good. Nice posters in the BDs too.

Not Yet Released
Anima Yell (Carat)

As you can tell, I’ve imported quite a lot of these, and have watched almost all of them. Of the ones I have not imported:
A Channel I wish I had and will if it gets a BD box.
Kanamemo and GA I probably would have if I were importing when they aired.
Doujin Work I liked but it was pre-import and too short/incomplete.
Kill Me Baby I never finished, but I did watch about half.
Love Lab, Joukamachi, and Blend S I never watched.

Houbunsha, the saviors of anime.

Bonus: Ultimatemegax put together the production committee members for these shows up through Urara Meirochou: Houbunsha Manga Time anime production committes

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  1. IceKirby says:

    A bit late, but Anima Yell (Manga Time Kirara Carat) is also getting an anime adaptation:

  2. Rug says:

    Hoping Slow Start and Comic Girls at least did well

    • something something says:

      They didn’t sell many discs, though whether they did well as a whole or not is another question and not one we can answer.

      Also I guess I should update this post.

  3. something something says:

    Post updated to current.

  4. IceKirby says:

    Any info on Harukana Receive sales? The Oricon rankings I saw for the week their BDs released didn’t have them listed, which means they got below the display cutoff. Is there any other place to find those numbers?

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